Friday, May 27, 2016

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni prepares to smear an ambassador

[Uganda has got to be one of the most sexually deprived countries in the world.
First, they came after the Mini Skirts and had women undressed in public for wearing short skirts.
Then they went after the gay people and forced them to run out of the country and go under ground.
Then they came after the Muslim clerics and gunned down 13 sheikhs. 
Then they went after prayers and banned opposition from holding prayers.
In the meantime, they arrested, tortured and killed all opposition people  they could pick up.
One day they will come for you and no one will be left to speak out for you.
This piece from Span is not his first one warning Uganda.
You can find most of Span's writing on the blog.  Not once has he been wrong.
Dictator Museveni knows what makes Ugandans want him to continue ruling over them while impoverishing them.  He played the gay thing in 2013 and 2014 and there were celebrations in Kampala thanking him for getting rid of gays.
They should have asked for medicine in their hospitals or better education and roads for their people.
People's sexuality must never be any of your business.  Let Museveni go ahead and expose that ambassador and then face the wrath of the fact that he cannot feed 10 million people and 95% of college and university graduates are unemployed.
Better, let him tell Ugandans why LGBTI is the reason why many Ugandans end up in modern slavery in the Middle East or Asia!
Never accept to be distratracted from the real issues which affect Uganda.
I am very proud to say that I support LGBTI rights.  Perhaps most known in Uganda for this fight.  Bring it on Mr. Museveni.
Ugandans might want to know that their religion is not everyone's religion.  Last week one of your leaders went to a shrine to worship her ancestors and had just sworn on the Bible.  
So if Christianity is foreign, then why do you use it to kill and maim your own people?  God has never made a mistake.  Read the last commandment. ]

The Museveni government is preparing a campaign to smear one of the ambassadors in the country as being gay and force the ambassador out of the country.
According to our sources, the campaign to smear the ambassador was started by Salim Saleh but was put on hold until after Museveni was sworn in. Museveni is desperate to have his illegal regime recognized by the west and he has gone to an extent to bypass some ambassadors and directly work with foreign governments that have so far refused to recognize the regime as a truly elected government.
Having failed, now the plan is leaked to have one of the ambassador's sexual orientation leaked to the New Vision in order to force the ambassador out of the country.
The regime is aware that the majority of Ugandans and in Africa as a whole detest homosexuality and this would rally the people behind the government.
This is a cowardly act by a desperate regime. Desperate times require desperate actions but this has gone too far.
Nathan Span

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