Monday, May 23, 2016


In Canada kids start doing public presentations in Kindergarten in small groups.
By grade 3, they stand up in front of a school and present.
The reason why parents have to know that what they do affects and influences their children is based on a very personal experience.
In grade 3 (P3), for Mini's presentation and for other kids was to talk about what their parents do.
"My dad is the best French chef in the world.  My mom works for a company which pollutes".
I had never even thought about it until the kid said it.  But my employer does not pollute.  It was just interesting to hear that a little kid said that about me.  She said some other things too that are even worse.
We are raising kids in a new Global Village.
They shall remember the good and bad.
When the super powers praise murderers of their own people and fund them, they make a very grave mistake.
Prime Minister, President, etc... your children are connected to other children who might tell them about the things which the grown ups talk about the injustice in the world.
Our children are the next generation of leaders and they shall judge us very harshly.
Do the right thing.
How many times have I cried out to the world to stop funding killers in Africa who kill their own people?
We have lost our humanity and in our old age our children shall remind us that we were hurtless when many were hungry and being killed.
Never be on the wrong side of history.
History shall judge you and even before you read the news, your own children will tell you "you lived in that erra when you knew people were dying and you did nothing".
You shall never have wealth until everyone is pulled out of poverty.
You will never have enough to eat until every one is fed.
You shall never know freedom until everyone is free.
You make a very big mistake to build a mansion where others live in shacks.
What good is it to send your kids to the best schools in the world when their friends can barely afford a descent a good education?
Then for what purpose is it that you have a well paying job when so many go unemployed?
We all have a big responsibility to be "our brother's keeper".
At the end of life, you will be asked "I showed up at your house hungry and you turned me away.  I was naked and you did not clothe me.  I was looking for shelter but you found no room for me:.
"I the Lord of Sea and Sky, I have heard my people cry.  Whom shall I send?".
When you hear that call, raise your hand and say "Here I am Lord, I shall go.."
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born in Bududa and incubated in Canada.
The writer is a committed Christian and does write about spirituality sometimes.  The world is going through a very hard time and it would be wise for all of us to stand up for humanity.  We can fix all the suffering in the world but we are much too selfish.  The average human being is born kind and compassionate.  Why do we lose the basic values of what we were born with?  Socialisation. 
I have not run into any single religion which teaches hate, selfishness and lack of kindness.

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