Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lessons for African dictators after Hissène Habré being convicted in Africa

Over the last 3 years, the world has seen many African despots want to get out of the ICC (they are signatories to it).
The loudest voices are "ICC is biased against Africans".
Not exactly because only those who deserve it end up at the Hague.
ICC has prosecuted some non blacks and none Africans.
You choose to murder and maim your own people and think that justice will never catch up with you.
WRONG.  Every country you go to for exile, no matter how much money you have will usually have people from your own country and they will petition that country and demonstrate about your atrocities.
With Social Media now, all your actions are documented.
Some of the goons in Uganda talk straight into the camera about why they think tear gassing people is okay.  Some are caught on camera torturing and shooting people.
Which nation will then protect you without facing the wrath of their own country and the immigrants in that country who might be from your country?
When the dictator from Chad (Tchad) flew into exile into Senegal, he thought he was secure.  It is Senegal that convicted him and sentenced him to life imprisonment sans palace, sans riches, sans servants, sans luxury.
When Ugandan goons attack the people, undress the ones they arrest, beat up people and do it on rolling live cameras, I wonder who shall protect them.
The conviction of Hissène Habré ought to tell you that money and power will not protect you even if AU or ICC does not get you.  
Go ahead and assume the friendly neighbouring country will protect you.  WRONG.  Those countries receive far too much aid from countries which will never forget the ills you have caused and we are here to keep all your ills in the lime light.
Watch the video.  The camera is rolling.  It is someone using a phone and sent it and we put it on Youtube.  All we have to do is zoom in and get each face.
You can find all the videos about the military police brutality in Uganda on my Youtube channel.

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