Monday, May 23, 2016


The brutal regime of dictator Museveni is being orchestrated by Janet and Saleh. Dictator Museveni wanted to keep Dr. Kiiza Besigye under house arrest but he was over ruled by his wife and his young brother Salim
Janet Museveni was furious that Besigye is putting the country under siege by refusing to accept the February's elections and she wanted all this to come to an end. 
After talking to her brother in law, she called Kayihura and ordered him to charge KB with treason a charge that would make KB stay in the coolers indefinitely.
Kayihura bypassed the government's prosecutor since it would be practically impossible to slap treason charges on someone that has called for the general public to defy the government.
Even Martin Luther King was not charged with treason after championing the famous civil rights boycott of government services.
Salim Saleh is responsible for maintaining the troops in the city as it is the only means that they can stop KB's supporters from pouring onto the streets.
The decision was made after the US ambassador Ms. Deborah Malac had advised the general public to stick together in demanding for their rights and freedom. Janet Museveni is also behind the increased imprisonment of the 2009 youth that participated in the so called Buganda riots.
She believes that by keeping them behind bars, the youth especially in central will never dare to rise up against her husband's regime. Those that were arrested as youth are now grown to be men and Salim has insisted that if they are released now they may become rebels and fight the government.
Meanwhile, Janet Museveni ordered Kayihura to round up the youth in the city and charge them with hooliganism or idleness. She believes that by arresting the youth, KB would have less impact in fighting her husband's regime.
After learning that Janet Museveni was behind the brutal treatment and treason charges against her husband, Winnie Byanyima decided to take on Museveni and tasked him to release her husband unconditionally. 
The regime is aware of groups that are planning to use force to fight and force the regime out and what best way to deny such groups of youth recruitment by arresting the youth. Many young innocent men have lost their lives in prison under Museveni, more than those died in prison during the colonial and subsequent regimes.
Nathan Span

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