Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Evidence mounts on #Museveni, #Kayihura, Muhoozi kidnappings and torture

Museveni, Kayihura and Muhoozi kidnapping and killing innocent Ugandans - The evidence is mounting.
Posted by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU (25/05/2016)
Free Uganda, the pro-democracy campaign group and liberation platform, once again calls on the International Criminal Court, the United Nations and the various international human rights organisations, as well as all the governments and people of good will to rapidly switch their attention to the crimes against humanity being committed by Museveni and his band of murderers in Uganda.
This video illustration of how the Museveni murder squads are treating Ugandans is in Luganda language, but the troublesome images of one of the victims of Museveni torture speak for themselves. The video is attached on at the end of this article.
General David Sejusa, the Free Uganda Chairman, has visited the victim in hospital and warned Ugandans and the world to be prepared for worse to come, unless Museveni is stopped.
Ms Kakai Zeridah, a young innocent political activist was kidnapped by Museveni's elimination gangs in South Uganda, ended up in a torture house in Northern Uganda, where she was badly tortured to the point of her spinal cord being damaged. She was then forcefully pumped with killer chemicals, then left for dead on the road side at the bridge on River ASWA at the boarder of PADER and Gulu districts.
The whole world must now wake up to the dark clouds hovering over Uganda.
Thousands of pro-democracy activists have been kidnapped, and are now believed to be dead or facing the same torture ordeal like that suffered by Ms Kakai Zeridah. Thousands have been arrested in broad day light, as the public looked on, and are now detained in hundreds of torture dungeons across Uganda.
Some, like the Forum for Democratic Change leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye, the man who is widely believed to have won the February 2016 presidential elections, have been charged with treason, a charge which carries a death sentence. Dr. Kizza Besigye was grabbed by Museveni’s killer gangs in a Kampala street and was air lifted by helicopter to the remote Karamoja region, where he was charged with treason in a process that was fraught with irregularity and illegality.
As a result of Karamajong people threatening to riot en-masse in support of the FDC leader, Museveni’s agents airlifted Besigye back to Kampala, where he is now languishing in Luzira prison. Dr. Besigye has expressed fear that there may be a plot to eliminate him inside prison using poison.
Free Uganda calls on all Ugandans of good will to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with Museveni and his killer gangs that must happen sooner rather than later to rescue the Motherland from an impending catastrophe.
Any delay in confronting Museveni and his gangs will only allow them to consolidate and entrench the savagery and brutality being meted upon innocent Ugandan citizens.
The Struggle continues.

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