Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dr. Stella Nyanzi distances herself from FDC - #Uganda
In one of Dr. Nyanzi's recent posts on her Facebook page, she distanced herself from FDC saying that she is for Dr. Kizza Besigye.
She is not the only one who is now distancing herself from FDC for she too felt betrayed that Gen. Mugisha Muntu (retired) and president of the main opposition party FDC had decided to appoint a Leader of Parliament (LoP) in the 10th parliament of Uganda.
While Dr. Besigye languishes in a maximum security prison in Uganda (Luzira), the party went ahead and formed up an opposition in Museveni's government.
Many die hard FDC supporters feel betrayed and social media is ablaze with their complaints.
Nyanzi visited Besigye at Luzira and said Besigye was the only man she had knelt down for beside her late father.
Previously she had complained that some FDC die hard supporters had attacked her saying that they did not want to associate with her.
The recent contribution from Nyanzi was related to the issue at hand.  And she was eloquent in saying that she is no longer with the FDC party but believes in Besigye.
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Earlier this year, the professor was locked out of her office at Makerere University and stripped ending up posting her protest on Social Media.  Facebook Inc. took down her accounts but she resurfaced.
Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a researcher, professor and well known for many publications.
Nyanzi is one of the professors at Makerere Universtiy in Uganda

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