Friday, April 29, 2016


Earlier this year I wrote something about how love healed me and how suffering has made me a much better person.
The woman who raised me commented that it was the side of me that many do not know.  She is my oldest sister and did raise me with an iron hand.

What suffering and pain does is to get you close to the Maker.  In my case it has always been Jesus.
I am one of the most arrogant people you will ever meet and I never say sorry unless it is deserved.
Facing death has changed many things.  I now wake up thanking God for every breath I take. 
I do not take anyone for granted.
Each night, I pray for all my family and friends to be surrounded by angels.  I even pray for those who love to hate me. 
You must understand that God created you.  He has a master plan for you.  He will put you through fire until you are golden enough to do the work He has set up for you down the road.
People who think that God makes a mistake are the ones making the mistake of not understanding Him.
Namugongo and Namagunga were not easy schools to attend by a defiant kid.  Yet we survived.
In all the beatings in Namugongo (and I will never stop talking about those beatings) and Namagunga making me hate religion, God had a plan.  My commitment to Jesus is stronger now.
I could not wait to free myself from the chains of organized religion when I came to Canada.
And I did.  But one time the emptiness over whelmed me.  I jumped into my car and drove. The spring air with music in a car made me feel awesome.  But still empty.
Some 35 kilometres of driving, I noticed a church.  It seemed to be unlocked.  I packed and went in.  There was a chapel. I knelt down and prayed.  Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I was crying as I was praying.  I had been out of church for far too many years.
Waking up little kids at 5am to go to mass does backfire.
The priest who had been watching me while I was saying my prayers alone thinking there was no one there, finally talked. "Child, welcome home. Just let go".
Many years later when I was on the death bed in Hamilton Ontario, I let go.
"Oh dear God, I surrender. I now let go.  Take me home and let me rest."
My work was not done.  He did not take me home.  And will not until His purpose for creating me is accomplished.  Those who wish me death make a mistake.  I have 9 lives and have died 8 times.  Only God will take away the last one.  Until then, you are stuck with me for God has better plans.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371.
The majority of my friends are not Christians but love me more than hypocritical Christians who are intolerant of other religions.  They were there when you were not.  They never once judged me for my views.  You Christians on the other hand judge harshly and relentlessly.

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