Saturday, April 30, 2016


1) The Mail and Guardian says Marchar is naming allies to secure the petroleum (read oil) positions in the new Unity government.  This is one man that the world should know better than to trust.
2) The UN has condemned the formation of the 28 states.  AND we can now wait for them to do something about it or Uganda.  Pass that fat cheque please.
3) The last time I looked, Kagera was in #Uganda.  Well well, it looks like there is another Kagera in South Sudan which is now celebrating the return of the prince whom some people call Dr. Marchar.  You see the problem with Geography is things move around. We learn with time.  For example I did not know that Bududa had been relocated to Busoga.
4) This one is only 1hr old.  Ethiopia has recovered 32 kidnapped kids by armed forces from South Sudan.  We are now down to 120 - 32.
5) The Guardian has an article out that a 6 storey building collapsed in Nairobi and killed 3 people but trapped many under the rubble.
6) FT (Financial Times for UPE graduates) says in order to save an elephant, feed a cow.  Damn it, I am gonna have a Tbone steak today.
7) Reuters says that Kenya will complete its own Oil Pipeline at the tune of $2.1 billion by 2021.  Hurry Uganda, you have got serious competition now.
8) Now this is a good one and Ugandans must not get any ideas.  Kenya Power will compensate people whose electricity goes off for 3+ hours.  Amen.
9) Mother Nature is unhappy.  Flush floods hit Nairobi after 3hrs of continous rain and now apparently there was damage to businesses and residential property.  These guys have not seen anything yet.  They need to come to Kampala and see real life when the rains arrive.  They might need brain transplants though.  Musisis will supply.
10) The party is taking place in Nairobi where Kenya is burning 105 tonnes of ivory (UPE graduates, that means 105,000 kilos).  Remember Tusker is very cheap and in fact about KE. sh. 1000 so come one come all and we save elephants.  I miss Dumbo.
11) #Magufuli is up to something something.  He says that mineral extractors should keep 60% of their money in TZ to grow the economy instead of sending it abroad since most mineral investors send their money out of the country.  I am starting to get the feeling that Magufuli needs a Nile Special with Muloni (Energy minister for Uganda).
12) This one is from Tanzania Daily News and let me show you.
<<President John Magufuli has revoked the appointment of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Executive Director, Ms Juliet Kairuki, and appointed Mr Clifford Tandari as Acting Executive Director.
The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (Trade and Investment), Professor Adolf Mkenda, said in a statement issued in Dar es Salaam that the president revoked the appointment on April 24 this year.
It further stated that, the decision was taken by President Magufuli after being informed that Ms Kairuki had not taken her salary since April 2013 when she was appointed to date, something which raises many questions.>>  MEANWHILE IN UGANDA!!!
13) A Tanzanian Human Rights Defenders Coalition is praising Magufuli for fighting graft and corruption. 
14) TZ is to invest in more tarmacked roads and refurbish the railways.  This Magufuli is onto something.  It looks like counterfeit phones (bichupuli) has been diving too. You can trust China to give you this information.
15) The Rwandese government has requested a short term loan from the IMF just in case its currency drops.  The government is planning an increase of 8% in spending.  For my fellow number crunchers, check out Reuters right here.
16) There is a lot of information today about Rwanda but time is a factor.  If you have a gmail account, click on this link.
17) The Burundi crisis talks have been put off till further notice.  No idea why they did not send in Museveni.  WAIT, they did that already.  Good luck forsaken continent.  The New Vision site hurts my eyes so maybe some of you can go and read the full article.
18) The Guardian says there is a lot of fear after the executions of senior military officers in Burundi.  Four people have been arrested over the killing of the general who was gunned down as he was dropping off his kid at school.  RIP.
19)  The former president of Burundi Ndayizeye says there is a need for a reconciliation commission.  HEY, I have a brilliant idea.  How about he comes to Uganda?
20) Then some armed men killed 5 people in Bujumbura as the Burundians were begging the UN to intervene in their crisis.  They should talk to Ugandans and see how we suffer without the UN toothless organisation doing anything.  RIP.
DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
21) In a reflection on most of Africa, there is an article saying that Africa gets younger as the presidents get older.  Kabila is only 44yrs old but we know people who are twice or more his age.  The pressure on him to not go for third term keeps growing but perhaps the intellectuals and political analysts among you might like this piece.
Now you are updated.
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People are dying in the public hospitals in Uganda which are funded by donors.  Oh, can you hear our cries? 

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