Saturday, April 30, 2016


This week another maid died in the Middle East.  She was very beautiful and a university graduate.  These things tend to fall under the radar.  The Ugandan government sold everything and now sell people.  For the price of $2000, you can buy a maid or houseboy, torture them and kill them and no questions will be asked.
Some Ugandans trash me all over social media but my work is not yet done.  They will eat a monkey.
Mother Theresa once said that it is not a question of feeding millions, start with one.  So if the information I share can save one life, then all is okay.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


The people who follow me on Social Media (Facebook and Google+) have seen me sharing articles of how Ugandans are trafficked.

In 2014 we learned about how Ugandans are sent to the Middle East and Asia to work as maids, sex slaves and house boys.  There are many articles from Uganda media on this.  Try Google.

This year we read articles from the Ugandan government of how they had secured employment contracts for University graduates to go and work in Saudi and China as maids and house boys. I wrote about this one too.

Some months ago I got an inbox chat from a Ugandan security guard at the US Embassy in Uganda.  They are paid fractions because the person who took the contract takes most of their money.  I did not disclose this because it was not the right time.  The US government pays very well for people who work at their embassies.  Someone in Uganda gets the contract and docks some 50-75% of the pay.

Three days ago, I got a call from someone in Iraq (Ugandan security guard).  He works at the US Embassy in Iraq and previously worked in Afghanistan.  His name is NoneOfYourBusiness.  I dare the Ugandan government to come and challenge me on this one.

There are several scenarios:
1) The contractor in Uganda makes people pay a lot of money to go get a job in the Middle East.  The future employee lands in Dubai and their passport is taken away.  Hence enslaving them to the contracting company and the employer.  This was in media people.  Please always read.  It is good for you.
2) The contracting company sends you to go work. You face hardships. You complain.  Your employer likes you.  Your employer is not allowed by the contractor for you to work for them directly.  They put you on the next plane and you are back in Uganda because hey, with 83% unemployment, they can send someone else.
3) Your employer is under contract by the foreign government (Iraq and Afghanistan) and cannot just get rid of you.  But your contractor had to bid very low to get the contract to supply the guards. So your pay is not as good as it should be.  Let me now address this one.

KBR is a company that offered jobs to Ugandans and tried to set up in Uganda. URA (Revenue) told them they had to pay taxes.  And taxes are okay but exhorbitant because URA does not want people to flourish or be employed in Uganda.  You can read in the local media in Uganda how URA kills businesses.

KBR then decided to move into Kenya.  They hire technical people. Plumbers, Electiricans, Guards, etc..  Kenya allowed them to help the people.  KBR pays $3000 - $7000 per month for each employee they take into the Middle East.  That is good money but hey, in #Uganda we need more poor people than rich people. Because when you unleash poverty on a population, you can control them all.

Back to Iraq. The contract bidding was won.  The agreed pay was $1500 per month.  These people are standing in the cold surrounded by Al Qaeda to protect and serve.  The current contractor pays them $500 a month. What happens to the other $1000?  Plus they work 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  There are some in Afghanistan making $400 a month when their contracts said $900 a month.

To boot, these people are not allowed to have US bank accounts.  All their pay must go to the contractor who then deposists for them in their bank account in Ugandan shillings hence benefiting from the exchange rate.  For this reason, I shall always post the exchange rates.


For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa hospital is a death trap.  There is no running water, electricity or medicine.

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