Saturday, April 30, 2016


1) Would you people just believe this?  Hundreds of protesters apparently jumped through the Green Zone (watch that movie, Matt Damon is hot in it) and stormed parliament over who even cares.  It was in the making anyway.  It is really over discontent with the current government and the on going violence and people feeling like they have no voices.  The Green Zone houses most of the international people in that country as well as key government ministries.  Check CTV for the full thread as it just hit the Canadian News Wire an hour ago.
2) Media is saying that Aleppo (Syria) is now a battle ground after the peace deal collapsed.  Seriously?  Those who read know that Aleppo has always been a thorn in the ribs.
3) The number of the dead in the 6 story building which fell apart in Nairobi is now 10.  For UPE, Nairobi is the capital of Kenya!
4) Well, this one is a bit interesting.  I am not used to reading Moderates in the same sentence as Iran.  Looks in the elections run off, moderates won more seats in the house.  Ayatollah must not be very happy at the moment.  The break down is Reformists and Moderates got 143 seats, the hard liners won 81 seats and the independents won 61 seats.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  The winds of change keep blowing!  This one is from City Pulse (CP24, a Canadian Media House).
5) Flo Rida is in the news.  By the way, I do not do entertainment or news but every once in a while something runs across my screen.  I am gonna lose my hearing.  Here he is performing in Austin Texas, MY HOUSE.
6) According to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), the friends you find most obnoxius on Facebook might be very popular in real life.  AHEM!
7) The National Post (a Canadian media house) just published this piece 41 minutes ago that the court in South Africa has ruled that Zuma must face hundreds of charges on corruption.  Ouch!
8) Another American has been jailed in North Korea for spying.  Sadly, this guy is of North Korean origin with American citizenship.  He will do 10yrs of jail and hard labour.  This does not put the case of the other young American man who took only memorabilia from his hotel room and will be facing hard labour.  Shaa...Kim Whatever has a lousy hair cut.  No idea why people even want to go to a place which does not have flushing toilets.
9) Something about death.  Well Death is all around us.  In Bangladesh, another gentleman was hacked to death. The news says it might be related to a 2012 comment he made against Prophet Muhamad (may Allah grant Him peace) and then other attacks have been going on.  People, we are not reading enough.  Check this link out.
10) Might seem small but 2 people went missing in Norway in a helicop crash.  Uganda is like "only 2?".  Every life we lose and do not care about makes us lose our humanity.  May their souls rest in peace.
11) Some 33 lions were rescued from a circus in Lima (Peru) and are being flown first class to South Africa.  Hallelujah!
Too depressing to read the rest.  Try for yourself and you will see how the end times are nigh!
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