Saturday, April 30, 2016


Of course I knew some #Ugandans would attack me for saying they need to write full words and proper English.  And also for telling them to say PLEASE and THANK YOU.  The joke is one told me that Japanese and Chinese are the biggest languages.  Idiots just.  English rules International Commerce and Navigation.
Then one said for someone who claims to love Uganda I do not even speak any of their languages. 
First of all, have you ever seen a Chinese or Japanese come to do business in Uganda in your Unglish or mother language?  Do you have text books of Physics in any of those languages?
French and other Latin based languages can stand on their own but even Merkel takes a translater and so does Putin.
You have an unemployment rate rumoured to be 95% among university graduates and you wonder why the MD for Africell fired 49 engineers calling them idiot monkeys?  Replaced them by Lebanese by the way. Lebanon speaks Arabic and French.  He was not done yet.  He had to hire trabslators for them.
Because if you write horrible English, you might as well be kicked out the door.
Love me or hate me but you are the ones who need jobs and besides communicating in Ugandan languages, I also communicate in English and French.  PLEASE and THANK YOU!

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