Saturday, April 30, 2016


A true account and analysis of some Ugandans, indicates the true epitome of laziness.

Irrespective of ethnic affiliations, we have all thrown hard work into a bin of toxic waste.

Just a few meters from were I stay, there is a shop owned by a foreign national; he opens every day at 6am and only closes past 10pm. His shop is always fully stocked.

A few blocks from there, is a shop owned by a Ugandan, it opens when the owner feels like, there is usually just bread cigarettes and eggs, the owner never always has change money and you will most likely be sent away with your money, because his too lazy even to find change for customers.

He even has the audacity to insult customers

Back to the foreigner…What time does he have to conduct criminal activities, when his busy with his business, what juju is he using apart from common sense.

I doubt, if he even has access to funding like some privileged Ugandans.

He is just an example of the many foreigners in Kampala who are working very hard, just like the Kenyans owning restaurants and craft shops, the Congolese selling “bitenge” materials, the Chinese and Indians having wholesale shops.

We should stop this madness, stop “lazying” around, over drinking and work…Just take a walk, around any city neighbourhoods and see how many young people are just hanging around smoking weed, drinking potent liquor and are too lazy to even bath…

We respect the hard working few like recyclers (wrongfully termed as scavengers), wielders, farmers, fishermen, shoe repairers shoe and tailors.

These people are actually contributing more than politicians and land tycoons whom we revere so much.

Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is an events security guru

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