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Respect the Queen's Language - #Uganda

I keep running into many Ugandans who tell me that it is a foreign language and they should not write it properly. Then when I ask them to tell me what Pi times 2 squared in their mother language, they do not tell me the answer.  I frankly cannot even say that in my mother tongue Lumusaba / Lugisu.
Sure, you might hate writing proper English but for a country which relies on donors and funders, what do you lose by not using English.
My first experience of how English rules the world was when I was in France and my sister in law's computer broke down.  I frankly could not diagnose the problem in French.  I switched to the lower level and all the code was in English.  Fixed that thing quickly.
Then my next experience when my manager at a company I used to work for told me that I had to have all the forms, prompts and reports in French.  Piece of cake.  But that is when I thanked Dr. Franklin for having been tough on me when I was taking translation courses for my bachelors degree.  That company had a translation department and all the work had to be sent to them to be translated.  My French translation / English, English /French translation skills kicked in.
Many Ugandans do not know that in Canada, everything has to be in French and English.  But get this one, all the computer coding was in English.  I only had to translate what the users of the system would see on the screen.  All underlying work (algorithm) was in English.
Fast forward, at my first attendance at the Boston Seafood Show, the government of New Brunswick Canada had arranged meetings for all the sellers (remember I used to own half of a seafood company).
The Chinese buyers showed up with a PhD student who was specializing in English.
Japanese ones did the same.
Russians did the same.
France, Belgium (and these ones were using our French too) but had people to translate into English.
When Ugandans tell me that Chinese (wapi, it is Mandarin or Cantonese) rule, they make a mistake.
Others tell me Japanese rules and they also make a mistake.
I would like Ugandans to come here and tell us when each of those countries ever showed up in Uganda for Bilateral discussions and used their language?  Linguistics are paid very well.  They translate into the language the person uses and most especially into English.
My former business partner used to work for a company that generates everything into the language the person selects.  I thought it was interesting till I noticed that for English, it translates into British or American English.
To this day, I have never seen a translation engine or system that converts from Unglish to an International language.  Sure they try but words like "heya swiri" do not exist in any translation program.
Finally, I have to tell Ugandans that not once in all my working life has any manager demanded anything of me.  They have always said "Please Martha, could you handle this issue".  And they always said Thank you after the project.  If they had any issues, they always said sorry and think, these people pay me.  For the life of me, I do not understand why Ugandans think that saying Please, Thank you and Sorry is beneath them!
Let them enjoy their 95% unemployment rate among University graduates.  Please do so.  Thank you.
Information you might not like but since when does your opinion of me pay my bills?
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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I learned all my manners from Bududa!  That hospital is a real Death Trap though.


Our News group created this week is very active.  We share news, information, learning and experience.
Today Sat. Apr. 30, 2016, besides sharing news, we talked life things.
The Oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania to the port of Tanga is on everyone's mind.
Reviving the Railway, drenching out the ports, refurbishing the ferries will serve both countries well and the neighbouring dependers who are land locked.
Living on the East Coast of Canada with ports nearby (Halifax and Montreal), it took a bit of time to think about Uganda.  Mind you, we have international airports in Moncton, Halifax, Montreal and we also fly out of Boston and NYC.
What Ugandans do not realise is the reality of infrastructure.  Infrastructure drives the economy.  You can read about this on one of my articles.  It is on The Insider and my blog.
For the Tanga port to work, it will not only be about Oil.  Well Oil is so very elusive.  The infrastructure for TZ to work with Uganda needs the Railway system working the way it did under those swines whom some of you might remember as Dr. Obote (RIP) and General Marshal Idi Amin (RIP).
For one thing, just like in the British days, anyone who has access to money should think about setting up a shop, hostel or hotel along that line (pipeline and railway).  Ask the East Indians.  They did well.  Drivers need a rest place and food.
Currently, the Mombasa port (Kenya for UPE) handles pretty well all the ocean freight into Uganda which is then trucked by road to Uganda.  Clearance for containers takes 4 working days.  Just think about this.  If you were shipping frozen goods or temperature controlled goods, you would pay a lot for storage.
This new route via Tanga to Mwanza then to Jinja and Port Bell has the potential to make some people very very rich.
I have researched Cold Storages in the 3 ports and found none.  Frozen goods must be held at negative 18-22 temperatures all the time or else someone could get sick from defrosted food poisoning.  Bacteria grows in warm temperatures.
We also need Cold Storages right from the port of Tanga and along the way, all the way to each port.
We also need temperature controlled trucks (we just call them reefers in North America) to transport those goods.  In any breakdown, we need close by temperature controlled storage facilities (usually referred to as Cold Storage).  Cold storages can have a section for completely frozen and a section for fridge temperature. Frozen really should be around negative 20 degrees and fridge temperature should be around 4 degrees.
Then we need an excellent IT system for tracking everything from the shipper to the receiver and throughout this whole transportation business.  It came as a shock to me to learn that EAC was going to introdude electonic monitoring and clearing of containers.  I was like.. what have they been doing all this time?
Temperature control and proper storage works similarly for Air Freight.  Imagine if you are shipping 10,000 of Nile Perch and your non temperature control truck breaks down on the Jinja Kampala Road.  That product will not pass the BIP inspection in the EU.  And you might miss the flight anyway so it will be money down the tube.
Information you might not like but your opinion has never paid my bills.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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I have an IT and business background and was a half owner of a seafood export company for 5yrs.


Kenya does not seem to be happy about Uganda conspiring with Tanzania to build the Oil pipeline to the port of Tanga in Tanzania.
We can all talk about the issue till the cows come home but in reality, the Northern route via Kenya had 2 big problems that many did not think about.
1) Security.  We have Al Shabaab attacking Kenya via that route.  An oil pipeline is not a pipe of water.  One can easily set it up on fire and it blows through the entire pipe.
2) Uganda was to pay $17 for transportation via the Kenyan route and Kenya was only gonna pay $7 for transportation.  Numbers do not lie people.  On this one, I have to say that Jarukanga may have been thinking rather well.  Uganda is going to be paying $12 via the Tanzania route (I round off numbers).
Then from the article in The Monitor, Tanga port offers other possibilities for Uganda to diversify its imports and exports.  We will have the Railway refurbished and the ferries to fetch containers from the port of Mwanza into Jinja and Port Bell.  I just love the numbers and this infrastructure planning.
NOW back to Kenya saying they will retaliate.  Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation is crucial in any project.
The Railway as some of us grew to know it has been dead.  So to move merchandise from Tanga to Mwanza and load onto ships to move to Uganda is going to take time.  Think about the fact that both countries say the Oil Pipeline will not be ready until 2020 at best.  No one is talking about when the Railway will be ready.  Mind you, Mwanza, Port Bell and Jinja ports have to be drenched to allow big ships to dock.  And no one is talking about when we shall have the big ferries ready to work, the ones which can move huge amounts of container shipments.
Where Kenya has an advantage and they could use this against us is because Uganda gets most Ocean Freight via the port of Mombasa.  To the tune of 95%.  Remember that Kenya now generates its own electricity.  Uganda is land locked.
Someone should have done risk analysis.  Kenya can hurt Uganda any time they want.  We are a land locked country.  Besides the glorized bilateral trade, Kenya can now sell to the other EAC countries and actually has a huge market in China and India.
Information you might not like but could use.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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I have an IT and business background.  Do not get malaria when you go to Uganda.
You might end up in Kenya or India. Our hospitals are Death Traps!

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1) Would you people just believe this?  Hundreds of protesters apparently jumped through the Green Zone (watch that movie, Matt Damon is hot in it) and stormed parliament over who even cares.  It was in the making anyway.  It is really over discontent with the current government and the on going violence and people feeling like they have no voices.  The Green Zone houses most of the international people in that country as well as key government ministries.  Check CTV for the full thread as it just hit the Canadian News Wire an hour ago.
2) Media is saying that Aleppo (Syria) is now a battle ground after the peace deal collapsed.  Seriously?  Those who read know that Aleppo has always been a thorn in the ribs.
3) The number of the dead in the 6 story building which fell apart in Nairobi is now 10.  For UPE, Nairobi is the capital of Kenya!
4) Well, this one is a bit interesting.  I am not used to reading Moderates in the same sentence as Iran.  Looks in the elections run off, moderates won more seats in the house.  Ayatollah must not be very happy at the moment.  The break down is Reformists and Moderates got 143 seats, the hard liners won 81 seats and the independents won 61 seats.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  The winds of change keep blowing!  This one is from City Pulse (CP24, a Canadian Media House).
5) Flo Rida is in the news.  By the way, I do not do entertainment or news but every once in a while something runs across my screen.  I am gonna lose my hearing.  Here he is performing in Austin Texas, MY HOUSE.
6) According to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), the friends you find most obnoxius on Facebook might be very popular in real life.  AHEM!
7) The National Post (a Canadian media house) just published this piece 41 minutes ago that the court in South Africa has ruled that Zuma must face hundreds of charges on corruption.  Ouch!
8) Another American has been jailed in North Korea for spying.  Sadly, this guy is of North Korean origin with American citizenship.  He will do 10yrs of jail and hard labour.  This does not put the case of the other young American man who took only memorabilia from his hotel room and will be facing hard labour.  Shaa...Kim Whatever has a lousy hair cut.  No idea why people even want to go to a place which does not have flushing toilets.
9) Something about death.  Well Death is all around us.  In Bangladesh, another gentleman was hacked to death. The news says it might be related to a 2012 comment he made against Prophet Muhamad (may Allah grant Him peace) and then other attacks have been going on.  People, we are not reading enough.  Check this link out.
10) Might seem small but 2 people went missing in Norway in a helicop crash.  Uganda is like "only 2?".  Every life we lose and do not care about makes us lose our humanity.  May their souls rest in peace.
11) Some 33 lions were rescued from a circus in Lima (Peru) and are being flown first class to South Africa.  Hallelujah!
Too depressing to read the rest.  Try for yourself and you will see how the end times are nigh!
Now you are updated
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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All public hospitals in #Uganda are Death Traps.  Stop sending money to the junta!


1) The Mail and Guardian says Marchar is naming allies to secure the petroleum (read oil) positions in the new Unity government.  This is one man that the world should know better than to trust.
2) The UN has condemned the formation of the 28 states.  AND we can now wait for them to do something about it or Uganda.  Pass that fat cheque please.
3) The last time I looked, Kagera was in #Uganda.  Well well, it looks like there is another Kagera in South Sudan which is now celebrating the return of the prince whom some people call Dr. Marchar.  You see the problem with Geography is things move around. We learn with time.  For example I did not know that Bududa had been relocated to Busoga.
4) This one is only 1hr old.  Ethiopia has recovered 32 kidnapped kids by armed forces from South Sudan.  We are now down to 120 - 32.
5) The Guardian has an article out that a 6 storey building collapsed in Nairobi and killed 3 people but trapped many under the rubble.
6) FT (Financial Times for UPE graduates) says in order to save an elephant, feed a cow.  Damn it, I am gonna have a Tbone steak today.
7) Reuters says that Kenya will complete its own Oil Pipeline at the tune of $2.1 billion by 2021.  Hurry Uganda, you have got serious competition now.
8) Now this is a good one and Ugandans must not get any ideas.  Kenya Power will compensate people whose electricity goes off for 3+ hours.  Amen.
9) Mother Nature is unhappy.  Flush floods hit Nairobi after 3hrs of continous rain and now apparently there was damage to businesses and residential property.  These guys have not seen anything yet.  They need to come to Kampala and see real life when the rains arrive.  They might need brain transplants though.  Musisis will supply.
10) The party is taking place in Nairobi where Kenya is burning 105 tonnes of ivory (UPE graduates, that means 105,000 kilos).  Remember Tusker is very cheap and in fact about KE. sh. 1000 so come one come all and we save elephants.  I miss Dumbo.
11) #Magufuli is up to something something.  He says that mineral extractors should keep 60% of their money in TZ to grow the economy instead of sending it abroad since most mineral investors send their money out of the country.  I am starting to get the feeling that Magufuli needs a Nile Special with Muloni (Energy minister for Uganda).
12) This one is from Tanzania Daily News and let me show you.
<<President John Magufuli has revoked the appointment of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Executive Director, Ms Juliet Kairuki, and appointed Mr Clifford Tandari as Acting Executive Director.
The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (Trade and Investment), Professor Adolf Mkenda, said in a statement issued in Dar es Salaam that the president revoked the appointment on April 24 this year.
It further stated that, the decision was taken by President Magufuli after being informed that Ms Kairuki had not taken her salary since April 2013 when she was appointed to date, something which raises many questions.>>  MEANWHILE IN UGANDA!!!
13) A Tanzanian Human Rights Defenders Coalition is praising Magufuli for fighting graft and corruption. 
14) TZ is to invest in more tarmacked roads and refurbish the railways.  This Magufuli is onto something.  It looks like counterfeit phones (bichupuli) has been diving too. You can trust China to give you this information.
15) The Rwandese government has requested a short term loan from the IMF just in case its currency drops.  The government is planning an increase of 8% in spending.  For my fellow number crunchers, check out Reuters right here.
16) There is a lot of information today about Rwanda but time is a factor.  If you have a gmail account, click on this link.
17) The Burundi crisis talks have been put off till further notice.  No idea why they did not send in Museveni.  WAIT, they did that already.  Good luck forsaken continent.  The New Vision site hurts my eyes so maybe some of you can go and read the full article.
18) The Guardian says there is a lot of fear after the executions of senior military officers in Burundi.  Four people have been arrested over the killing of the general who was gunned down as he was dropping off his kid at school.  RIP.
19)  The former president of Burundi Ndayizeye says there is a need for a reconciliation commission.  HEY, I have a brilliant idea.  How about he comes to Uganda?
20) Then some armed men killed 5 people in Bujumbura as the Burundians were begging the UN to intervene in their crisis.  They should talk to Ugandans and see how we suffer without the UN toothless organisation doing anything.  RIP.
DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
21) In a reflection on most of Africa, there is an article saying that Africa gets younger as the presidents get older.  Kabila is only 44yrs old but we know people who are twice or more his age.  The pressure on him to not go for third term keeps growing but perhaps the intellectuals and political analysts among you might like this piece.
Now you are updated.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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People are dying in the public hospitals in Uganda which are funded by donors.  Oh, can you hear our cries? 


This week another maid died in the Middle East.  She was very beautiful and a university graduate.  These things tend to fall under the radar.  The Ugandan government sold everything and now sell people.  For the price of $2000, you can buy a maid or houseboy, torture them and kill them and no questions will be asked.
Some Ugandans trash me all over social media but my work is not yet done.  They will eat a monkey.
Mother Theresa once said that it is not a question of feeding millions, start with one.  So if the information I share can save one life, then all is okay.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


The people who follow me on Social Media (Facebook and Google+) have seen me sharing articles of how Ugandans are trafficked.

In 2014 we learned about how Ugandans are sent to the Middle East and Asia to work as maids, sex slaves and house boys.  There are many articles from Uganda media on this.  Try Google.

This year we read articles from the Ugandan government of how they had secured employment contracts for University graduates to go and work in Saudi and China as maids and house boys. I wrote about this one too.

Some months ago I got an inbox chat from a Ugandan security guard at the US Embassy in Uganda.  They are paid fractions because the person who took the contract takes most of their money.  I did not disclose this because it was not the right time.  The US government pays very well for people who work at their embassies.  Someone in Uganda gets the contract and docks some 50-75% of the pay.

Three days ago, I got a call from someone in Iraq (Ugandan security guard).  He works at the US Embassy in Iraq and previously worked in Afghanistan.  His name is NoneOfYourBusiness.  I dare the Ugandan government to come and challenge me on this one.

There are several scenarios:
1) The contractor in Uganda makes people pay a lot of money to go get a job in the Middle East.  The future employee lands in Dubai and their passport is taken away.  Hence enslaving them to the contracting company and the employer.  This was in media people.  Please always read.  It is good for you.
2) The contracting company sends you to go work. You face hardships. You complain.  Your employer likes you.  Your employer is not allowed by the contractor for you to work for them directly.  They put you on the next plane and you are back in Uganda because hey, with 83% unemployment, they can send someone else.
3) Your employer is under contract by the foreign government (Iraq and Afghanistan) and cannot just get rid of you.  But your contractor had to bid very low to get the contract to supply the guards. So your pay is not as good as it should be.  Let me now address this one.

KBR is a company that offered jobs to Ugandans and tried to set up in Uganda. URA (Revenue) told them they had to pay taxes.  And taxes are okay but exhorbitant because URA does not want people to flourish or be employed in Uganda.  You can read in the local media in Uganda how URA kills businesses.

KBR then decided to move into Kenya.  They hire technical people. Plumbers, Electiricans, Guards, etc..  Kenya allowed them to help the people.  KBR pays $3000 - $7000 per month for each employee they take into the Middle East.  That is good money but hey, in #Uganda we need more poor people than rich people. Because when you unleash poverty on a population, you can control them all.

Back to Iraq. The contract bidding was won.  The agreed pay was $1500 per month.  These people are standing in the cold surrounded by Al Qaeda to protect and serve.  The current contractor pays them $500 a month. What happens to the other $1000?  Plus they work 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  There are some in Afghanistan making $400 a month when their contracts said $900 a month.

To boot, these people are not allowed to have US bank accounts.  All their pay must go to the contractor who then deposists for them in their bank account in Ugandan shillings hence benefiting from the exchange rate.  For this reason, I shall always post the exchange rates.


For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa hospital is a death trap.  There is no running water, electricity or medicine.

NEWS BRIEFS FOR #UGANDA - Sat. Apr. 30, 2016

Ugandan media used to sleep all weekend perhaps to nurse hang overs but not so much anymore.  The competition is tight so they now work every day that ends in Y.  There is a lot in the media today (weekend).
1) The grape vine says dictator #museveni wants OWLanya to be the Speaker of the House.  Well, this should not come as a surprise since Kadaga has sometimes challenged Jarukanga.  The take on this one is that the Leopard wants someone who can rubber stamp everything in parliament.  Do not forget that OWLanya compared museveni to Jesus.  By the way, OWLs sleep all day and work in the night.  But then again, our parliament is full of sleepers during the day so this should not come as a surprise.  But OWLS can be very nasty.  One time when our family was living in Mbuya (I was too unpredicatble to live a 5 minute walk from State House Nakasero), father made me look after a little boy from a neighbour.  One time she accidentally dropped porridge on his arm.  So the little boy had a wound on his arm.  In broad day light I watched an OWL swoop down on the baby.  Beat up the bird and it left the baby alone.  Called father who rushed over and took the baby to Mbuya Military hospital for his arm to be bandaged.  Now this is where this story gets interesting.  OWLanya will be doing a push in parliament to lift the age limit.  Beware of OWLs
2) An article from one of my best writers in The Insider asks why Ugandans are lazy? I posted this full piece earlier.  Dixon Okello writes beautifully and is a security genius for events and entertainers.  You can check it out here:  BUT he is so right.  Why write U instead of you?  Why not say Please when asking for something and even worse, why not say Thank you?  We have a lot of work to do in The Peril of Africa.
3) Our Charles Rwomushana is in media saying the political situation in Uganda is hot like when you are in a pressure cooker and State House is in panic mode (I paraphrase).  You will all remember that Rwomushana used to work with the Junta as head of Intelligence.  He was arrested after posting a picture of a dead man looking like Chris #Aine.  But the goons also arrested the editors at Red Pepper who had printed that story.  Anyway, love him or hate him but he delivers.  Everyone who worked with the Leopard eventually found out that leopards belong in cages in zoos or the bush together with their hyenas.  FDC is keeping some people sleepless, including yours truly.  Check his full take here:
4) Span one time shared a picture of Ottafire and I told him I was going to have nightmares for days.  Months later, I still have nightmares.  This man was in media in 2014 saying Ugandans who get executed in China (while China was in Uganda getting free land and many shoddy deals), Ottafire did not care.  Now he says that his being an MP was a waste of time.  REALLY?  Someone pinch me awake.  Discard after use.  The guy lost his MP seat and now is learning what a condom is good for.  He should have had malwa (paid for by museveni) with OWlanya and then he would have learned how word from above can force the EC to declare you winner even when your people rejected you.  Might be his eyes though.  Who knows?  Check The Insider.  This is one of the main page stories.
5) Another politician who goes by the name of Odongtho says museveni and Dr. #Besigye will never agree.  Why would anyone think otherwise?  They shagged the same woman.  So this is a matter of you stole her from me and how dare you?
6) Then the buffoon called one Justice Kavuuma who asks how high must I jump when museveni tells him to jump has apparently ruled the FDC demonstrations and defiance campaign illegal.  EXACTLY when did one idiot monkey become the one who dictates over a population of 38 million?  You people are just joking.  But you see, this is what happens when a Junta takes over the judiciary and tells them what to do with threats to their lives and families.  REVOLUTIONS are started by a discontented population.  Even Gadafi and Mobutu were full of themselves and they had stronger armies but Jarukanga invaded DRC and took down Mobutu.  Gadafi went down by the people.  Even Mussolini, Napolean, Stalin and Lenin eventually went down after brain washing the masses.  Hey, did you know that it is only MAO whose legacy still lives in China?
7) Some 3.8 million Ugandans have signed up against MPigs exempting themselves from taxation.  But get this, those MPigs apparently will use up sh. 270 million for orientation and it will take 3 good days to swear them in.  I bet they will have to read the constitution first.  Too bad many are school drop outs and printed their degrees on Republic Street in Mbale (if you are in Kampala, just go to Naseero Rd).  May I remind you that the constitution is a very big book that is at the entrance to parliament in Kampala and every time it rains, people walk up with mud soiled wet shoes and wipe their feet on the damn book!  Bite me.
8) Some people who live in Bugaba, Kasizi, Kagoonya and Bukasa are scared of crocodiles.  Surely so but they should be more scared of leopards and hyenas first.  Crocodile meat tastes awesome.  I hear.  Should check it out the next time I go to Kalangala.
9) What is East Coast Fever?  I have never heard of it and it is a weekend so I will not be doing research.  Apparently it killed 2,000 cows in Kotido.  Back when I grew up, if an animal was exhibiting any sign of illiness, we killed it, roasted it and then boiled it very well.  But since Uganda is now a highly developed country, they let cows die.  What a shame!
10) Justice Tsekooko has cautioned the judiciary and the government that CADRE judges are undermining the legal system in Uganda.  Well, he is from where I come from and we are the bestest.  Just kidding but if you read what Dr. Kaiyehamba says about the judiciary system in Uganda, both gentlemen are my kind of perfection for the LAW.  We will remember all those cadres when the leopard falls and they seek asylum.
11) Chimpanzee has an article saying that 75% of NSSF beneficiaries waste their money.  SOMEONE pinch me.  Did NSSF ever account for the sh. 275 billion which was stolen and no one did jail time for it?  Where is Akullo anyway?  Told you people to dig a hole in your backyard and hide your money (preferably at night).  I am a Problem Solver per Excellence, non contested.  Temuwakana.  NSSF is riding off the backs of the hard working civil servants who are forced to pay into it while the Thugs and thieves steal the meager savings.  Buy land or cows for crying out loud!
12)  EAC will now have joint tourist visas.  At a cost of $150 per clip, I will go to Europe or stick to North America.
13) Museveni says that an under-developed population threatens wild life.  OMG.  Are you people awake?
14) Moses Khisa is at it again.  Most of you love him.  I do at least.  He says Ugandan MPigs are operating in an criminal system.  His articles tend to be a bit long but most of his readers find the MBs to read his work.  He is a wonderful political analyst and writer.  You can check him out here.
15) When push comes to shove in Ugandan media, I will give you my Leah piece of Mind.  Observer, Monitor, The Insider, Red Pepper, Chimpanzee, New Vision.  Ranked in terms of writing, research, informing, educating.  Go tell it on the mountain.  Your opinion of me does not pay my bills. Long live The Observer!
There is more, just check out the media houses online news yourselves.  There is only so much bull crap I can handle.
Now you are updated.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371
All public hospitals in Uganda are death traps.  Born in Bududa but incubated in Canada


A true account and analysis of some Ugandans, indicates the true epitome of laziness.

Irrespective of ethnic affiliations, we have all thrown hard work into a bin of toxic waste.

Just a few meters from were I stay, there is a shop owned by a foreign national; he opens every day at 6am and only closes past 10pm. His shop is always fully stocked.

A few blocks from there, is a shop owned by a Ugandan, it opens when the owner feels like, there is usually just bread cigarettes and eggs, the owner never always has change money and you will most likely be sent away with your money, because his too lazy even to find change for customers.

He even has the audacity to insult customers

Back to the foreigner…What time does he have to conduct criminal activities, when his busy with his business, what juju is he using apart from common sense.

I doubt, if he even has access to funding like some privileged Ugandans.

He is just an example of the many foreigners in Kampala who are working very hard, just like the Kenyans owning restaurants and craft shops, the Congolese selling “bitenge” materials, the Chinese and Indians having wholesale shops.

We should stop this madness, stop “lazying” around, over drinking and work…Just take a walk, around any city neighbourhoods and see how many young people are just hanging around smoking weed, drinking potent liquor and are too lazy to even bath…

We respect the hard working few like recyclers (wrongfully termed as scavengers), wielders, farmers, fishermen, shoe repairers shoe and tailors.

These people are actually contributing more than politicians and land tycoons whom we revere so much.

Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is an events security guru


Rexy is the one singing. Ssebulime is the painter for the art in this video. This is my opening video on my Youtube channel. For those who did not know, I am a music manager and art promoter. This song is in Lumasaba for those jokers who did not know that I am fluent in Lumasaba (Lugisu), not Lumanglish! Shaaa


Of course I knew some #Ugandans would attack me for saying they need to write full words and proper English.  And also for telling them to say PLEASE and THANK YOU.  The joke is one told me that Japanese and Chinese are the biggest languages.  Idiots just.  English rules International Commerce and Navigation.
Then one said for someone who claims to love Uganda I do not even speak any of their languages. 
First of all, have you ever seen a Chinese or Japanese come to do business in Uganda in your Unglish or mother language?  Do you have text books of Physics in any of those languages?
French and other Latin based languages can stand on their own but even Merkel takes a translater and so does Putin.
You have an unemployment rate rumoured to be 95% among university graduates and you wonder why the MD for Africell fired 49 engineers calling them idiot monkeys?  Replaced them by Lebanese by the way. Lebanon speaks Arabic and French.  He was not done yet.  He had to hire trabslators for them.
Because if you write horrible English, you might as well be kicked out the door.
Love me or hate me but you are the ones who need jobs and besides communicating in Ugandan languages, I also communicate in English and French.  PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Earlier this year I wrote something about how love healed me and how suffering has made me a much better person.
The woman who raised me commented that it was the side of me that many do not know.  She is my oldest sister and did raise me with an iron hand.

What suffering and pain does is to get you close to the Maker.  In my case it has always been Jesus.
I am one of the most arrogant people you will ever meet and I never say sorry unless it is deserved.
Facing death has changed many things.  I now wake up thanking God for every breath I take. 
I do not take anyone for granted.
Each night, I pray for all my family and friends to be surrounded by angels.  I even pray for those who love to hate me. 
You must understand that God created you.  He has a master plan for you.  He will put you through fire until you are golden enough to do the work He has set up for you down the road.
People who think that God makes a mistake are the ones making the mistake of not understanding Him.
Namugongo and Namagunga were not easy schools to attend by a defiant kid.  Yet we survived.
In all the beatings in Namugongo (and I will never stop talking about those beatings) and Namagunga making me hate religion, God had a plan.  My commitment to Jesus is stronger now.
I could not wait to free myself from the chains of organized religion when I came to Canada.
And I did.  But one time the emptiness over whelmed me.  I jumped into my car and drove. The spring air with music in a car made me feel awesome.  But still empty.
Some 35 kilometres of driving, I noticed a church.  It seemed to be unlocked.  I packed and went in.  There was a chapel. I knelt down and prayed.  Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I was crying as I was praying.  I had been out of church for far too many years.
Waking up little kids at 5am to go to mass does backfire.
The priest who had been watching me while I was saying my prayers alone thinking there was no one there, finally talked. "Child, welcome home. Just let go".
Many years later when I was on the death bed in Hamilton Ontario, I let go.
"Oh dear God, I surrender. I now let go.  Take me home and let me rest."
My work was not done.  He did not take me home.  And will not until His purpose for creating me is accomplished.  Those who wish me death make a mistake.  I have 9 lives and have died 8 times.  Only God will take away the last one.  Until then, you are stuck with me for God has better plans.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371.
The majority of my friends are not Christians but love me more than hypocritical Christians who are intolerant of other religions.  They were there when you were not.  They never once judged me for my views.  You Christians on the other hand judge harshly and relentlessly.


Below is some one who hit my inbox from Uganda.
I can be banned off Facebook but do I look like I care?  I communicate on many platforms.  Notice that the names are fake too.  Here you go:
  • Paul Jets
    Are u out of Uganda?
  • 21:05Martha Leah Nangalama
    I never chat with anyone who uses abbreviations. Try again.
  • 21:07Paul Jets
    Are you out of Uganda Madam?
  • 21:08Martha Leah Nangalama
    Perfect. Thanks. I have not lived in Uganda since I was a kid. I live in Canada. I only write about Uganda because I read a lot.
    AND why are you interested anyway?
    All my articles which I personally write always say I am in Canada
  • 21:09Paul Jets
    Oh! So what is your Nationality?
  • 21:13Martha Leah Nangalama
    OMG.. Bye! Try to read what I write for crying out loud.
  • 21:20Paul Jets
    I don not read your articles to the end so you will please forgive me for asking that question. I will try and read your articles.
  • 21:23Martha Leah Nangalama
    Maybe you need to read them. I only write for readers. Laziness is a big problem in Uganda. You miss a lot.
  • 21:27Paul Jets
    Excuse me. Please... You may think that you are learned and that gives you the right to insult my country. Anyways why are you so much interested in Uganda particulary critising President Museveni.?
  • Martha Leah Nangalama
  • Moncton, Canada
  • Whatsapp +1506871

Law Development Centre (LDC) graduated 870 young people Apr. 29,2016

Sadly, the media in #missed this important occasion as they were likely chasing down none issues or hiding from being intimidated for media and their freedom which they can no longer fight for.
When I was in Namagunga, I was heading to Law School at Makerere (after dropping out of PCB/M at the last minute and jumping into HEL 6 months before the Alevel exams) and I was told by all the wonderful people who have crossed my path.  "Martha Leah, go to Makerere, get your bachelors, go to LDC and get your diploma and then become a great lawyer".
So today it was with amazement that I was following the LDC students getting their much deserved diplomas and no one in Uganda seemed to be paying attention.  The media prefers to chase around little brats (future thieves who have no brains at all) about their Guild presidency wins in the half illiterate universities where they go.  And they get cars and facilitation.
Today we had a brilliant group of young men and women who have worked very hard to get that diploma and their competition were full lawyers and yet no one said a word about these future legislators.  No one.  Except Chimp has a tiny article about them but so far, the other media houses did not even think this was worth reporting.
For all the young people who got that LDC diploma, Congratulations.  We know you will be heading to Universities this year to get your Law Degrees and will not have to do the LDC thing again.  But think about the fact that you were up against practicising lawyers and you made it.  Well, some of those lawyers got their degrees from Naseero Rd so that might not even count.
The fact that you paid so much for those two years, even more for the graduation fees, and then the mandatory clothes and gowns you had to wear when you are so very young tells us that you will do very well for Uganda.
I would have liked to quote the Butt on the speech he gave you on Ethics but he has no credibility.  Surely, Ethics and Human Rights is what you will face in everything from now on wards for your futures.  Do us proud.  You can and will make a very big difference in Uganda.  We need you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371


Below is something that our now 15yr old submitted for publication in a kids' book in Canada.  No one helped her to edit it and we did not even know she had done so.  So Ugandans should learn to write properly.  An 11yr old kid beating you at writing when you have degrees is atrocious!  
By the time I am done with Uganda, all graduates will write properly.  Call it my calling. 
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
 A child can write better than Ugandan graduates and professionals. Prove me wrong.
Here is a child writing about her dog.  Her story was published in Canada alongside many other children who also write well.  We did not edit it for her. Please think of grade as P.  So she was in P5 equivalent.
My Dog Theodore
One hot summer day not that long ago, my family and I went to the SPCA to get a dog. We hadn’t been there before, so we didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was we didn’t want a small dog. I wanted a medium-sized dog.  My dad wanted a big dog, but I didn’t want a bid dog.  My dad and I were arguing the whole way there.
After what seemed to me was forever, we were in the SPCA parking lot.  As soon as I stepped outside the car, I covered my ears.  The dogs’ barking was thunderous.  My parents said for my sister and I to go up to the cages and see what dog we would like to bring home.
I examined every single dog.  In the end I only liked one dog and my sister liked two.  She liked a husky named Snowy.  I really didn’t like that dog, so my parents said no.  Turns out the other dog she had in mind was the same dog I wanted.  It was a Labrador / Shepherd mix.  I looked closer at his cage and saw his name was Theodore.  I absolutely loved his name.  It fit perfectly with his shiny brown coat and his big brown eyes.  He looked like a great friend and a little bit like a guard dog because of his vibrant red collar.  I suddenly realised I was daydreaming about Theodore and me.
I bent down close to Theodore and whispered in his ears, “We’re taking you home tomorrow.  I promise.”  I think he understood me because his eyes lit up when I said that.  I hurried over to my dad and begged for Theodore.  He finally said yes.  We filled out an application and got approved.
The next day we went back to the SPCA to get our dog.  Te employee got Theodore out of his cage.  I put the leash I bought him on his collar.  We tried to put him in the car, but he did not want to get in. Eventually we had to lift the dog up into the car.  We finally got to drive home.
That is how I got my amazing dog Theodore!
By Natasha Lefranc (Grade Five)
Shediac Cape School
Shediac,  New Brunswick
Canada, France and Uganda


By the time I am done with Uganda, all university graduates will know how to write properly.
Below is something our now 18yr old wrote to get into the Trinity One program at University of Toronto for her pre-med when she was 17yrs old.  Mind you at the age of 16yrs she had gotten accepted in Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada (and she applied on her own and was accepted in 2- minutes).
For Trinity One, they only accept 25 kids from across Canada. Uganda is just joking because kids will beat you to smitherins in this Global village. Trinity is the most prestigious college to attend in any University in Canada.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ugandan Graduates have to learn to write properly and articulate well.

Then the outright attack on a kid mbu she is not in school. Shaa. This one is mine and can drop out of school anytime. Not many MUK graduates can now articulate but they are good at abusing on FB. This one is 17yrs old. Got into Dalhousie at 16yrs old and University of Toronto at 17yrs. Both universities are in the top 20 ranked globally. So imagine when I read some silly things from Ugandans from MUK who cannot even write or read or articulate. I laugh at you all. This kid can drop out of school any time now and by the way, she already has a job. Wake up Uganda. You cannot even write better than a kid. Show me. Prove me wrong. Your comments will tell the world. 

Below is an application that our daughter submitted for one college at the University of Toronto.  She is likely not even going there as she got admitted into Dalhousie Unviversity Medical Sciences when she was 16. She will join University when she is 17yrs old.  The point of sharing what our daughters write is to tell #Ugandans to make an effort to write properly.
Describe your principal activities and interests beyond the classroom and tell us how they have contributed to your development. What role will extra-curricular activities play in your life as a Trinity College student?
Up until high school, I had never participated in many extracurricular activities. I was quite shy and unsure of my talents or abilities. Once I entered my first year of high school, I wanted to develop a better sense of who I was and what I was good at. I saw extra-curricular activities as a way of discovering myself. I have been actively involved in them since.
I am currently involved in Student Council, Drama Club, Graduate Committee, and music lessons.
Student Council helped me discover my passion for leadership. I have learned through the governing of my peers how to take on responsibility and how to see the potential in others.
My participation in my school's Drama Club has contributed to my presentation and people skills. Memorizing lines, cues, and entrances all while being able to deliver an engaging performance has brought out the natural speaker in me. I have learned how to create welcoming atmospheres for the people around me.
In my final year of high school, I was finally eligible to become president of the Graduate Committee. My graduate class is made up of born leaders and strong personalities, so it follows that I developed good negotiating skills. My ability to ease tensions and presenting appealing compromises has saved our class from too many meetings spent arguing.
I have been taking piano lessons since age four and guitar lessons since age eleven. My ability to solve abstract relational problems and create new solutions for those problems has come mainly from music study. I find music allows people to express and exercise their creativity to an extent that quite a few mediums of creativity cannot.

If accepted into Trinity College, extra-curricular activities will help me to continue to develop as a person. I want to attend university not just to learn what I need to know for a future career, but also to learn what I need to know to live. I believe that extra-curricular activities can help shape a person and help them find their strengths. I hope to continue with some activities that I am currently involved in and hopefully discover more that will facilitate my personal growth. If accepted, I look forward to what Trinity College has to offer.

Write a creative piece in reaction to the image .
The subject of human nature has been one of theological debate for as long as we have been introspective. Often, human nature has been said to be a question of whether we are inherently good or bad. I am not a theologian, and I make no attempts to resolve this argument. However, I have noticed an interesting trait of humans that I believe is an integral part of human nature, regardless of whether we are good or evil.
The instinct to survive is a driving force for all creatures - humans are no exception. A phenomenal thing begins to happen though when humans are surviving: they start to live.
Once humanity reached the point where they could figure out a way to meet their basic needs, we started doing things that were not essential for survival. We started to do things for enjoyment.
Humans created song and art to convey emotion and entertain others. We built magnificent structures to show that we could achieve such amazing things. We started to make clothes, not for function, but for fashion. We performed plays, invented luxury cars, and domesticated wild animals for companionship. We created bubbles.
There is no explanation for how humans spending the time and energy figuring out how best to mix soap and other chemicals to create a pocket of air suspended in a film of water would benefit our survival. We did it for our personal entertainment and amusement; we did it for fun. If you give a child a container of bubbles, they can spend an entire afternoon blowing, popping, and chasing them. Bubbles are used to create a fun atmosphere at parties and concerts. They are a symbol of fond childhood memories. They are a representation of how humans do not just survive. They live.
The peoples of this earth have faced many great catastrophes. From natural disasters to genocide, an incredibly wide variety of horrible things have befallen the human race. So many cultures, nations, and communities have had to start again from the beginning. Some have not been able to. However, humanity keeps going. We fight to survive; and when we survive, we live.
When we survive, we make bubbles.

By Rebecca Denise Lefranc
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of France, Canada and Uganda
Age 17yrs.
Moncton Christian Academy (MCA)


The shilling is holding up quite okay but still staying away from that resistance at 3300.  It gained a little bit today and closed at 3322 on the US dollar, 4854 on the British pound, 3804 on the Euro, 32.89 on the Kenyan shilling and 2646 on the Canadian dollar.  I am noticing some movement on the KE shilling (gaining) and on the Canadian dollar (losing).  The movements are so insiginificant though so likely the forex traders in Uganda are banking on the Rupee, Yuan and Tanzania shilling, currencies I do not report on.  With time, I will.  You can check all the currencies out at
Coffee Arabica closed at $3.10 per kilo.  This fall is a bit worrying.  It has been moving down steadily.
Coffee Robusta closed at $1.78 per kilo.  Robusta is not moving at all except upwards.  Mix your container shipments people.  I am not joking.  Check coffee out at this link.
Gold - Oh my heavens, Gold went up by $27 an ounce and is trading at $1293 as I speak.  This means we should prolly not even look at the Stock markets because when Gold shoots up, it means the others are likely falling since Gold is safety.  Oh well, big girls do not cry so let us check them out anyway.
Oil (Brent Crude) lost $0.53 per barrel and closed at $47.40 per barrel.  The gold thing nearly threw me off track.  We are just experiencing a bit of profit taking off the table. The chart still looks bullish (going up).
Shanghai misbehaved and closed a hair under its 50 day support line.  The weekly chart shows that it might be going up still but this daily chart is not acting like Cinderella.  I would be careful shorting this Index and also going long at this level.  We need a more directive indicator.
Hong Kong is becoming very boring to watch.  There was no change.  But it did tank all the way to its support at the 200 MA and then backed off to close right where it closed yesterday.  Likely waiting for its master from Mainland China to set the direction.
Tokyo lost only 57 points and did not give anyone a heart attack.  The daily chart says it is still on the way down.  Well after the big red negative candle it put in yesterday and losing over 600 points what can we expect?  The $NIKK (Nikkei) is a very dangerous index to trade. It moves with no GPS.  Beware.
Frankfurt - holly cow, this thing dropped like there was nothing to hold it back.  This is our chart for today.  The $DAX crashed 282 points and fell off its support line at the 200 day MA.  Its next stop will be the 50 day MA.
Paris - Ditto for the $CAC too.  They share borders and apparently seem to be cousins.  One goes down and the other falls.  The reverse is true when one goes up.
London - this is a conspiracy of some sort.  The $FTSE fell hard like the two cousins above.  People, we are facing profit taking or panic due to what I did not even see in the Global news.  The $FTSE tends to remain quite strong but there must be something going on in Europe we are not aware of that these 3 indices are dropping like hot potatoes.  But let us look at North America and see what transpired over here.
North America:
Toronto gained 65 points despite the minor fall in Oil.  The $TSX is on a north ward journey.  Temuwakana.
Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 57 points and its daily chart says that the $INDU will fall for a bit but I would not short it because its weekly chart shows a bullish pattern (more buyers than sellers).
Standard and Poor lost 10 points and its daily chart says it is going to fall a bit.  I said a bit because the weekly chart shows it up going up.  Both the Dow and SPX have been forming cups on the top so they will fall but I would not fall any of both indices.  I would stay on the sidelines and watch.  Which is what I am doing.  Always protect your principal.
NASDAQ crashed by 30 points.  This would not be a big deal but the $COMPQ fell and closed under its 50 day MA which was the only support line in sight. It will fall some more.  When one loses support, one falls harder.  Sadly though, its weekly chart formed a hard fall kind of pattern.
GLOBAL NEWS which I now do before the shilling and global market report can be found at

For the oil and global indices, my source is below and you can also go to Chart School for free online so you can read charts.
Symbols to use on the above link:
$Brent - Brent Crude Oil
$SSEC - Shanghai
$HKDOW - Hong Kong
$NIKK - Tokyo
$DAX - Frankfurt
$CAC - Paris
$TSX - Toronto
$INDU - Dow Jones Industrial Average
$SPX - Standard and Poor
$COMPQ - Nasdaq
Now you are up to date
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371
I have an IT and Business background.  I own equities, mutual funds and indexed funds and have traded in the past including options and forex.


1) A New Brunswick judge has thrown out the limitations on the alcohol limit for when we cross the border because it violates the NAFTA agreement we have in place (North American Free Trade Agreement).  Hallelujah praise God.  So I think this weekend I will cross the border and go to New Hampshire to load up.  Watch out my friends across the border in USA! Mind you we can also cross into the province of Quebec to get lower prices.  Shaaaa
2) The violence in Syria is being taken to a new level.  Over 200 people were killed in their civil war.  Most from Aleppo.  You can read up on this one at  May their souls rest in peace.
3) The Tramp is in California and protests everywhere.  You people in #Uganda do not even know that now his own party The Republicans do not want him to win.  OMG.  The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website might go down again due to flight up North to the United States of Canada.
4) Texas can be in the news sometimes and usually for their guns but today is worse.  Eight little kids were found chained and impoverished in one home.  Reason why we should advocate for adoption.  Some parents are unqualified to look after other people's kids.  The kids were chained like dogs.  You can check up on this one at
5) Apparently Facebook Inc. spends millions of dollars yearly to keep Mark safe.  They should ask #Uganda on how much money is spent on keeping Jarukanga safe.  Many multiples of the FB Inc. expenses.  AND one is a multi-billionaire from building an empire while the other is a billionaire by thieving his people and selling off everything to his family and his goon Pigs. Damn, I hate porc for a reason.
6) An Oil rig helicop crashed off the coast of Norway and 13 are feared dead.  We do not have much information about the injured.  Welcome to disasters.  Should I continue with the news?
7) Zuma is not out of the news yet.  A court in South Africa says he should face charges of corruption.  Dude, just threaten the judiciary or bribe them and then go away.
8) Here come the funders for the leopards and hyenas in Africa.  Apparently a US report says a strike last year that destroyed a hospital by MSF in Afghanistan was human error and not a crime against humanity.  Some of you might remember that some 42 people died with that strike.  Check out Reuters
9) In other news, Russia and China have come to an agreement on North Korea and South China Sea saying they do not want any Western influence in those issues (read Washington DC).  Then maybe they should go feed the impoverished people in North Korea who wear bad hair cuts!  Bite me.
10) Meanwhile when you think you have read enough about Boko Haram pops up.  But this is a feel good story people.  In Maiduguri Nigeria (the home of BH), they are teaching kids to stay away from religious extremism.  Awesome news.  Keep it up people and then through information and education we might help many blow themselves to get 72 virgins in heaven.  I still have no idea what the women get but I am rather curious.
Now you are updated.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371
Born in Uganda but incubated in Canada
All Public Hospitals in Uganda are Death Traps!