Thursday, March 24, 2016


Kasese is bleeding and we should not let what happened in Northern Uganda happen in Kasese. 
Dictator #Museveni slaughtered the Acholi people for over twenty years while the rest of Uganda was going about their business as usual.
In the end, countless people were slaughtered by this regime and some of its atrocities were blamed on Kony. 
We are all aware that the killings that took place in Luweero were mostly done by NRA and blamed on government forces only to learn later that the NRA soldiers used army uniforms to butcher innocent Ugandans.  The video of this one follows.
Let us not just do nothing as we are witnessing the killings taking place in Bundibugyo and Kasese.
Do not take the government's explanation at face value while we are say OMG or RIP.  May their souls never rest in peace until their deaths are avenged. 
Unlike in the 1980s, this time we have instant news and videos coming out from those areas but yet the regime is calling it tribal conflicts. 
There is a war in Uganda and do not be fooled by the regime. 
The government has restricted journalists in Kasese and other affected areas but we still get the information. 
The rest of the country is busy being blanketed by the army, specifically in Kampala but the people of Kasese, Bundibugyo have had enough of Museveni and it is about time we joined them and fought this regime. 
More people have been killed and people have taken guns from soldiers to defend themselves and more people are getting shot dead by security forces. 
The people of Kasese need our support and we should not allow what happened in Gulu to take place in Kasese while over weight new MPs are dancing in Kyankwanzi paka chin.
Lets join the poeple of Kasese now.
Nathan Span

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