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I recently published some articles that many of you may have seen.



Many Ugandans complain that the Asians who own businesses and employ them mistreat Ugandans.  This is no surprise at all as you know that Idi Amin (RIP) kicked Indians out because they were controlling the economy and treating Ugandans like second class citizens.  There is another theory for why he kicked them out but I will not get into conspiracies for now since I do not have empirical proof.

You have also seen the campaign to boycott MTN and yet so many of you are on MTN oba lwakyi!  You are using an MTN kabiriti and posting with your FBzero on the Kabiriti from MTN and saying MTN rips you off some MBs and it is not a good company and you cannot do that Maths on the whole idea?  Kale, you enjoy your sleep and peace.

Here is how to deal with companies which treat you badly at work or when you go to buy their products. The way this works is also the way Word of Mouth works.  Tell everyone in your circle about the company. Every company which is mean to a customer or employee loses a minimum of 6 potential customers.  Every company which treats the employees and customers well gains a minimum of 6 potential customers.  So make your mouth work for the good of Ugandans.  Use those bichupulis to spread word that company so and so's boss was seen whipping a grown Ugandan at work or yelling at someone like a kid. You might want to use whatsapp for that though since Lokodo has not managed to arrest him yet and the text messaging might get intercepted.

Vote with your wallet.  You are very powerful.  If you do not buy their products, they cannot stay in business.  They cannot come to your house and force you to  buy their products.  There are always alternatives.  I am not saying this because I live in Canada but believe me, in Canada all the stores do this.  Our community is very small and I am the only black person in our area but every supermarket I go into, the service is incredible.  The managers are on the floor talking to customers.  Most cashiers know me by my name and I know them by their names too.  If I go into any store and I am not treated right, I boycott it and then proceed to tell all my friends about it.  Worse is if I post it on Facebook.

Therefore, if you really know or feel strongly that some companies are treating Ugandans badly, do not buy anything from them.  Do not step into their shops.  Do not support them by giving them your money, making them richer and participating in the continued abuse of Ugandans.

This is called Social Consumption.  You consume socially.  You watch who you buy from and what you buy from them and then stop.  For example food.  Why do you not walk down to Owino and buy from a Ugandan.  You also have many markets in Kampala and other places where you can buy from a Ugandan.

Apparently we have some Foreign Investors all over the country now.  Do you seriously think these foreigners can flip chapatis better than us or make better sumbusa?  It is even ridiculous that you stop to buy roasted maize from the street from them.  Did we never roast better maize in the past?  Meanwhile dude down the road is one of your own and you do not buy from him?

Defiance can be done in many ways.  By not showing up at work.  Which I advise against since you have no stocked up the necessities I suggested in my Emergence Preparedness article and you need rent and school fees.  So do not stay away from your job.  Just do not purchase anything from your employer if your employer is a moron.  And the world has far too many morons.  That article is here:

Some apologists and jokers will say I am inciting.  Inciting what?  That we do not want to be taken advantage of and will not buy your products?  Pack up and go back to where you were born or to whom grew you.

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