Thursday, March 24, 2016

Video: #Ugandans in Netherlands demonstrate against #Museveni

By Dr. Vincent Magombe

Ugandans in the Diaspora go into overdrive, taking the messages of liberation to donor countries. The Emperor of Darkness is being undressed for all to see his dark side.
Free Uganda congratulates and stands in solidarity with all our patriotic citizens in the Diaspora who have gone into overdrive, lobbying donor countries and other international governments and institutions regarding the savagery and barbarism of Museveni and his illegal and criminal band of killers, torturers and resource looters, who are masquerading as the new post-election government of Uganda.
It is very heartening to see how our brothers and sisters in countries, like Holland, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, the US and elsewhere are taking the message to all these foreign governments that Museveni has been rejected by the People of Uganda, and a new freedom struggle is under way to throw him out of state house.
Roll on fellow citizens. Your contributions in these far-away lands, is powerfully augmenting the evolving People's Struggle back home.
Together, as Ugandans, we will overcome.
The Struggle Continues.

By Moses Atocon
Uganda Diaspora P10 and Ugandans. 
We had a very cordial talks with the Dutch government director of the great lakes region after handing our petition to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs, the current chair of the EU. 
After that we had a rare moment of courtesy first the director to come down from his office to address the group of Ugandans who walked with us to deliver the petition. 
The event was very peaceful and well coordinated by the Dutch police. 
We have more detailed information to follow, in the meeting we had both local and international pressmen including Aljezeera reporter.

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