Saturday, March 26, 2016

Video: Major General Levi Karuhanga, the chairman of Museveni's Kangaroo Court hospitalized - #Uganda

Video: Major General Levi Karuhanga, the chairman of Museveni's Kangaroo Court hospitalized

[In 2013 when General #Sejusa warned Ugandan senior people in the army and police that some people were going to die, he was mocked and laughed at.  In fact, some who laughed at him are now turning in their graves.  You see, he had only asked the IGP, Kale Kayihura to investigate the information he had at hand. Fast forward, this week we heard rumours that there was a plot to assassinate this Kayihura himself and of course the government put out a statement that no one in Kasese or Bundibugyo tried to kill our beloved Kale Kayihura.  Below is a statement from the Free Uganda Leadership Committee.  I hope Uganda can fix those minor tribal issues which are causing daily deaths in Kasese and Bundibugyo.  Very minor.  After all death in Uganda is nothing.  We had many bodies dumped on the beaches of Lake Victoria in December 2015 and it was nothing for many.]


General David Sejusa's fate cannot be hinged on the situation of his persecutors.
That a military court martial chairman is ill in hospital cannot be reason to illegal and criminally keep General Sejusa in Luzira prison. Free Uganda Statement - Posted by Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU.
The news that Major General Levi Karuhanga, the chairman of Museveni's Kangaroo Court, the so-called General Court Martial, is unwell and is admitted in hospital, cannot become reason for Museveni and his terrorist bunch to keep General David Sejusa behind bars in Luzira prison.
As far as Free Uganda is aware, the High Court of Uganda ordered the so-called General Court Martial to cease hearing the Sejusa case. Museveni and Levi Karuhanga were forced to officially abandon the case, and this was formally communicated by Levi Karuhanga at a recent court sitting.
Noteworthy, however, Museveni ordered the military court to deny general Sejusa his freedom, sending him instead back to Luzira for no known legal reason whatsoever.
General David Sejusa is today in Luzira prison at the pleasure of Despot Yoweri Museveni, and for nothing other than pure political expedience. Museveni is a frightened man. He is keeping General David Sejusa and Dr. Kizza Besigye under locks, only because he is afraid of these powerful freedom struggle leaders freely interacting with the People of Uganda at a time when the whole country is united in demanding an immediate end to his (Museveni's) illegal occupation of State House.
The message to Museveni and his bunch of state house 'illegals' is very clear - The most successful People Power Revolutions are won, not by the leaders, but by the People themselves.
Holding Dr Kizza Besigye and General David Sejusa hostage will not stop the People's Revolution being actualised. Instead, it is firing up the People's courage and determination to resist and defy Museveni and his much-hated Musevenism like they have never done before.
As General Sejusa said when he was first savagely dumped in the military dungeon at Makindye, "the People of Uganda will soon free him and the Ugandan nation" from the claws of Evildom.

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