Sunday, March 27, 2016


Even if it was me, with all the privileges that dictator M7 has, perhaps i would rig elections to. UPDF brigadiers are in charge of taking care of M7's cows and tax payers foot the bill. 
How stupid can parliament be to allow this rogue regime to abuse power at the expense of #Ugandans? No wonder Katumba Wamala is nothing but a stooge for Museveni. This type of behavior happened long time ago in the 1800s where chiefs used  public resources to benefit for themselves.
This Tutsi Munyarwanda dictator has gone too far. We pay for everything even emptying his portable toilet and guess who does that job?? You guessed it, its UPDF. Indeed my army. 
The only thing the army has not done for M7 is to wipe his Nalukolongo but you name it they have done it.
They die for him in Somalia, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, yamawe or nimawe whatever. 
This aged Museveni who still thinks he looks sexy in an army uniform at his age, has sucked the air out of the citizens and now they see him a a demigod.
Nathan Span

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