Monday, March 28, 2016

Social Investing - #Uganda

In short, social investing means that one invests companies which protect the environment and the people who work for them and the ones in the areas in which they do business.
The big thing that Uganda has to wake up to is that the impoverishment and unemployment will not last forever.  
Whichever company does business by oppressing the people will exposed to the world.  You can ask Barrick Gold (a Canadian company) how they made out in Tanzania.
You see, Africa has exported some of their best talent.  Some of these people are key decision makers.
Then you now have social media where everyone can be a reporter.  
Then we have kids who are being taught in school how to protect the environment and fight for social justice and uphold human rights.
This is a nightmare for people who only think about money and profit.  These kids do not care and in fact most of these kids have more gadgets than you can imagine with friends from all around the world.  These kids will teach the business world a few things.  After all, they are the next generation of consumers.
We had one bank in Canada that was in the media for bringing in some Asians to be trained here and a good number of the employees lost their jobs when the people whom they were training flew back home and took their jobs.  
Some Canadians know which bank I am talking about.  I walked into my local branch and reviewed the family investments.  I took that bank out of the funds for each family member.  I chose non high performing banks which retain jobs in Canada because every job that is taken away means that a family goes with no rent, mortgage, etc..  It is rather hard when you hold mutual funds but I had to ensure that the ones for the family members did not have that bank in them.
Meanwhile in Uganda, you have investors that actually own property, industries and factories that treat people like second class citizens.  Vote with your money.  Do not buy their products.  Do not work for them.  Do not buy their stocks on the stock exchange.  One time your children and grand children will ask you why you have their inheritance in those companies and you will have no answer.  This is not a conversation I want to have with our daughters. 
Social Investing means being responsible for people and the environment.  If you are in Uganda and have never heard of social investing, then think about all the land grabbers and more so in Bunyoro who had thousands of families evicted off their lands to benefit from the oil boom.  How is that oil looking by the way?  One day you will live to pay for everything that was done just because you thought only about money.
Find your passion.  Do it and you will never work a day in your life.  The money will find you.  Do you remember that American company that got land for Waste management in Hoima and had an entire village evicted with guns and live bullets while their goats, cows, chicken and sheep were being looted?  Not only that but those Ugandans also had their houses burned down and their harvests razed while their granaries were also vandalized.  Do you ever wonder where those families are?  They now live in camps in tapoline tents.  Give their kids a phone and their kids will connect with my kids and then then all of them will ask why I did not speak out!  Shaaaa 
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I have an IT and business background and have worked in the oil industry longer than any Ugandan.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  I have also written many articles on land grabbing in Uganda.  Check my blog.  You can do a google search for "land grabbing uganda nangalama blog".

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