Monday, March 21, 2016

SEX TRANSMUTATION - Mind your health magazine group, Cameroon

Hello and good day. Before we begin, I'll like us to know that MYH Magazine is not only for health issues but to create a well rounded and successful community. So let's begin.
There is this controversial theory known as sex transmutation. Transmutation means converting from one form into another. In this context, we mean converting the energy and enthusiasm in ones sexual drive/desire into a life calling or purpose. That is using this drive in a different way other than sex to further our progress in life. Our sex drive is natures own energy drink used to stimulate and drive us to success.
This concept is still in the theoretical phase though some investigations have proven it somehow right. That is, using the energy that one obtains from their sex drive to obtain other goals in life. We know that sex drive is one of the highest form of energy available to man. When harnessed, it can make you a genius or superhuman. Take a look at great individuals in history (politicians, inventors/scientists or poets etc), they were highly disciplined individuals who channeled their sex energy to obtain their goals. What am I saying, you can have sex but don't do it indiscrimately and over zealously for you are putting out the flames which could bring forth your riches. A clear example is how docile and sleepy one feels after sex, because the flames and energy for conquest have been put out. Did you know it is when you feel these urges that you are at your best of creativity and courage? Divert that energy towards your business or point of interest at that moment and you'll come out with a solution that you won't believe existed in you. Mastery of this concept is what separates a genius from a mediocre person.
To conclude, did you know legend has it that Gandhi in his most creative days slept between two virgins, he didn't have sex with them, but the urge he felt was directed towards his mission in life which was to free India from Britain (you know how successful he was with that). Show me any community with over indulgence in sex and I'll show you people with a low level of development and no purpose in life. Youths, while you still have this energy in excess, don't waste it on vanity rather channel it for a greater purpose and calling in life. That my friends is success.
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