Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rwomushana rushed to SIU Kireka again - #Uganda

Police on Wednesday summoned Mr. Charles Rwomushana, a self-styled political activist, at the Special Investigations Division Kireka for the second time so far this year.
Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said they obtained Rwomushana’s statement in connection with allegations of spreading false information and inciting the public to commit offences against the state during a talk show on one of the local radio stations.
Earlier this year, Rwomushana was detained at SIU for publishing a picture of a supposedly dead Amama Mbabazi’s bodyguard, Christopher Aine.
Enanga says Rwomushana has a tendency of making reckless and unfounded statements on different media platforms that infringe upon national security.
“The evidence accumulated against him that included a radio transcript was jointly reviewed and questions put to him on as to whether he was or not breaking the law in making such alleged falsifications and by explicitly inciting the public to violence.”
He was thereafter, released on police bond.
The investigations which are being conducted in full compliance with every individual’s right to freedom of expression, and in conformity with the regional and international laws, appear complete and the case file submitted to the office of the Director Public Prosecutions, to evaluate the evidence gathered thus far, Enanga said.
“Although the police are highly committed to fostering a vibrant and free media space in which people can freely express themselves, it does encourage the public to do so in a manner that is not illegal and does not incite violence and hatred.”

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