Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ofwono says US plot to end Museveni rule has failed - #Uganda

[The joke about this one is first of all, Ofwono is a famous underwear thief so he should stay out of the lime light.  The other thing is USA has not even tried.]
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has accused the United States of America of struggling to end President Yoweri Museveni’s regime.
This came after US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power told a United Nations Security Council on Monday 21st March, that Museveni was undermining the rule of law.
In the same session, she attacked Rwanda, Burundi and Congo leaders for overstaying in power and suppressing human rights.
According to Opondo, Power’s criticism of Museveni hinges on plot by the US government to end Museveni’s rule.
“Their [US] plan for regime change hasn’t worked,” the executive director of Uganda Media Centre said in a tweet.
Opondo pointed out that United States (US) is the least competent to comment about civil liberties.
“Let them first handle their issues including Guantanamo.”
Opondo for example explained that the deployment of UPDF on the streets of Kampala is a public confidence building measure saying this was the reason people are not afraid and businesses are open.
The US Mission in Uganda quickly came out to deny plot against Museveni’s regime.
“Respectfully, no one from the US government has said “regime change” in reference to Uganda. All our statements are on our social media pages,” the mission responded to Opondo on Wednesday.
“And we encourage everyone to read Amb. Power’s full remarks to understand the context.”
As we have said, the mission continued, actions by the Ugandan government are undermining the country’s democratic progress.
“The Ugandan people deserve better than that.”

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