Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ofwono: No #Besigye talks, no unity gov’t - #Uganda

[This is starting to get really embarrassing.  This man stole underwear and a pen and got promoted to a minister position and spokesman for the government.  Do you now see why I say the country has gone to the dogs?  For crying out loud, his colleagues still millions of dollars or billions of dollars but he chose underwear.  Not sure if it was female or male though.  I suppose I should send him the link for online order for Victoria Secret!  AND he deludes himself and thinks that opposition would want to do a Unity government with thieves, thugs, hooligans and murderers!  Oh dear Jesus, please come soon and bring your mommy, daddy, other daddy and all the angels.  Uganda needs help big time.]
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has ruled out any possibility of a unity government with opposition.
“There won’t be a coalition or unity government. The people of Uganda spoke. That doesn’t mean the NRM government will not reach out,” Opondo maintains.
The Media Centre boss says President Museveni committed no crime that should warrant him to beseech those who lost.
“But our arms are open. At this point, we don’t think there is need for President Museveni to hold dialogue with Dr Kizza Besigye,” Opondo said while appearing on NBS TV on Wednesday.
He says calls for a unity government are uncalled for.
Picking on Maj Gen. Benon Biraaro who is pushing for a unity government, Opondo said the soldier is seeking relevance after performing dismally.
“FDC has misread the mood in the country. FDC leaders are poor analysts. Will Erias Lukwago [Kampala Lord Mayor], Semujju Nganda [FDC spokesperson] not assume office in defiance?‪”
Opondo further observed that FDC president Mugisha Muntu is a “questionable general” because he “ran away from the army”.
According to him, the “Free My Vote activities”, including a weekly stay home call, are “not sustainable”.
“FDC leaders have ran out of logical options. They started with calling for an audit and now want people to stay home.”
Opondo concurs with Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga who said that even after court ruling, police will pull a few metres away from Kizza Besigye’s home, “but we will not leave completely because of security matters”
Constraining Besigye, according to Opondo, is a “better and more human option”.
“You know where some people, including one four star general [David Sejusa who is imprisoned at Luzira], are. Dr Kizza Besigye’s record has been consistently about defiance. Leaders must submit to the laws of Uganda.”
Challenging elections should be done in civil means, Opondo advises, adding that doing otherwise calls for police action.
“Besigye should recant his defiance message. If he does, police will withdraw. Otherwise, police will continue to constrain him.”

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