Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nyakana calls Musisi reign a joke - #Uganda

[This is a simple one.  Some Ugandans need a brain transplant.  You can refer to this article and you will know why Musisis is being called a joke.]
Former Kampala central mayor Godfrey Nyakana says Kampala’s leadership with KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi at the helm, is a joke.
“The political head in Kampala is the lord mayor but power brokers took over events. This has cost us,” Nyakana noted.
Nyakana says KCCA ED Musisi under the rules should report back to local leaders but “this hasn’t happened”.
“KCCA is dysfunctional,” Nyakana said while appearing on NBS TV on Tuesday.
He suggested that Ugandans should be curious because there are no minutes, no accountability and no one knows how much is spent or got.
“In Kampala, constructing 1km costs $1m. They bought an acre in Kisenyi at Shs7bn. There is no accountability at KCCA.”
Whether in Kololo or Nakasero, there is nowhere in Uganda where an acre goes for Shs7bn, according to him.
“You don’t need a technocrat to realise that there’s a problem. Kafumbe Mukasa Road was worked on thrice for $3m.”
Nyakana says Uganda needs to reassess itself and plan better.
“We need to look at the track record of individuals before appointing them.”
He added: “Kampala leadership is a joke. My town clerk doesn’t know how much she spent. No accountability.”
According to Nyakana, Musisi had no experience in public administration.
That was part of the problem. To this day, she doesn’t report to anyone, he states.
“Many people at KCCA were employed through a friend or family member. This is another problem.
The ouster of Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor, according to Nyakana should be blamed on selfish individuals, not NRM.
“They should be culpable. Our [NRM] results in Kampala were unfortunate. We had never lost Nakawa but we lost Nakawa. We lost all divisions.”

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