Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NEWS BRIEFS FOR #UGANDA Wed. Mar. 30, 2016

1) Ugandans anxiously await the supreme court decision on annulling the elections or forcing a recount.  The decision is expected tomorrow so many of us will not be sleeping tonight.
2) MTN is contemplating exiting out of South Sudan due to on going losses.
3) The oil pipeline to the coast change of heart from Uganda to go through Tanzania was based on security reasons if it went via Kenya. The grapevine says one of the main investors in the Ugandan oil who chose to remain anonymous cited Al Shabaab.  Total!!!
4) As Barclays plans to pull out of Uganda and Kenya, the banking industry is up for a shake down. Standard Chartered is planning some changes in both countries. Read job loss.
5) Kenya's economic growth is steady but has been put down to 6%.  Remember Uganda was revised down to 5%.
6) Shilling and global market report for Mar. 29th was not done but do not miss the one from today.  The shilling is holding up and oil is having a run. Cannot tell North or South till North America finishes trading today which is the second big volume trading day after the long Easter weekend.
7) The court in Uganda has thrown out the suit for producing the body of Christopher #Aine. Is this a sign of things to come tomorrow?
8) Makerere university students did a protest for the continued incarceration of Dr. #Besigye.  It was barefoot.
9) The same school had students offer to clean Besigye's place since the 300+ cops who are watching him shit in the neighbourhood.
10) More than 2 million Ugandans do not have toilets. Go into the farms.  Natural manure.
11) Over 10 million Ugandans have barely enough to eat. #SteadyProgress.
12) Some 2+ million Ugandans can only afford a meal a day. The other millions can only afford 2 meals a day.  Ask the ones who go 2-3 days with no food.  At least you got peace and sleep. Temuwakana.
13) FDC says they will not use violence to overthrow the current military regime. It is not like the rebels are listening to you anyway.
14) The late Dhaira (Cranes goal keeper) family has been struck with another tragedy.  His grandmother dropped dead upon hearing about the death of her grandson. May they rest in peace.
15) A rumour is circulating on Social media that Besigye is going to get kidnapped, taken to Kasese and killed with a claim that he was leading a rebel group. Pure trash. Very much like the other story of him having escaped and was in Germany.  Stop abusing social media.
17) The MPIgs did it again. They gave themselves more money for tea, lunch and housing. I hear the lunch allowance is sh.2mil and housing is sh.3mil.  Then the rest of you make slave wages. Burn!
18) Teachers are getting 15% raise. Wait, this on the salary of sh.250,000 ($75 a month) get serious. No wonder your students can barely write.
19) Uganda is in talks to pay DRC the $10 billion for looting the former's resources.
20) Uganda is also in talks with South Sudan for the latter to pay the former's Ugandan suppliers to the S.S government.   Apparently they were not paid 2011-2013.  One wonders where South Sudan learned this from.
21) Ann Coulter (Republican) let go. Said the Tramp is a Butabika case.
22) Susan Sarandon (actress) says America is better off with the Tramp as opposed to Clinton. Oh America!
23) A lovesick man pretended he was a suicide bomber and hijacked an Egyptian airline to take a letter to his ex-wife and beg that they reconcile. Love is madness. Dude is in jail now.
Now you are up todate.
Information you could use.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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