Sunday, March 27, 2016

NEWS BRIEFS FOR #UGANDA - Sun. Mar. 27, 2016

1) Former Cranes goal keeper Dhiara has lost his battle against stomach cancer.  May his would rest in peace.  He died in a hospital in Iceland. 
2) Easter prayers were mostly to urge the Christians to emulate Jesus.  Goodluck with that in Uganda.
3) The First lady (aka Mama Janet) posted an Easter message for Ugandans on her Facebook page.  Sadly hardly anyone commented on it and many shared it with mockery.  Refer to point to above!  
4) Apparently the man who calls Museveni Jesus (aka Oualanya, who was given the election results of the real winning candidate) is Uganda's best tool to fight off imperialists like the EU, US, UN, etc... See, he always wins for some reason because people respect his out bursts.  Lately in some media, there is talk that him and Kuteesa are ganging up against Kadaga!  Ndiwulira.
5) Kayihura in the media saying the police will continue to hold Besigye hostage in his home.  You do know that it was just a rumour that this dude got hiself killed in Kasese.  
6) On a positive note, Kayihura allowed Mr. Byanyima and his daughter to visit Uganda's president at State House Kasangati.  YES, you heard that right. You need special permission to go and visit your son in law. Only in Uganda. Who cursed this place?
7) Kayihura has also been in the media warning Ugandans about terrorists.  This comes after the Brussels attacks and now that it is public knowledge that there is a Militia group in Western Uganda where deaths seem to be a daily occurrence. Huh!  I would even say it is more than one Militia group.  Abantu bakoowu.
8) Oh well, the blood suckers, sometimes referred to as Uganda military police shot a boda boda rider dead in Rwampara and injured a second one.  I am starting to think that being a boda boda rider in Western Uganda is a dangerous occupation.  May his soul not rest in peace until his death is avenged.
9) Robbery and murder are the top crimes in the Ugandan army (UPDF). Check the Observer, there was an article about this.  So is it any surprise that they are going all over the country shooting people and robbing others?  Oh well, now we know where the police get ideas from.
10) A Burundi rebel group headed by one of last year's coup generals has claimed responsibility for the recent murder of a senior army officer.
11) Over 50 are dead and more than 100 injured in Lahore (Pakistan) after a suicide bomb attack.  May their souls rest in peace.
12) Bernie Sanders beat Clinton in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii .
13) Rwanda is going to start publicizing names of officials who are involved in corruption.  Huh, Kagame, come back to Uganda.  After all, this is your home.
14) The Chinese factor strikes again.  Kenya's has lost a lot market for its exported goods which were destined to Uganda and Kenya.  Now everything is made in China.  I hope you know how to use chopsticks.
15) Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue their fights over whose wife is uglier.  Check the New York Times.  May God spare us.  What was the Tramp thinking?
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