Friday, March 25, 2016

NEWS BRIEFS FOR #UGANDA - Fri. Mar. 25, 2016

News out of Uganda is not very good.
1) The death toll out of Kasese is 17/18 people.  Shot by police and many butchered due to "tribal" fights.  For the police, I have no idea which school they went to and the same goes for the army.  They shoot to kill. Used to be that you shoot in the leg to weaken the person and then arrest them but not in our Peril of Africa today.  The ones who are running around with pangas (matchets) butchering people, one has to wonder if they are cannibals.  Why kill what you are not going to eat?
2) Yesterday you saw me sharing articles about Burundi and Rwanda telling off Samantha Powers for calling them Power grabbers.  Well, we were waiting for Uganda and did we ever get a mouth ful.
2) Ofwono Opondo was in media telling the US government that they have no right to tell Uganda what to do since the country is very peaceful now and dictator #Museveni is a great president.  In fact, some of Museveni's apologits have likened him to Jesus.  What blasphemy!  The thunder which will strike the pigs is still doing press ups.  Ofwono Opondo is a minister in the current regime but best known for stealing underwear and being a useless mouth piece for the NRM government.  I swear if Opondo knew about Victoria Secret, he would not have shoplifted underwear.  But then again, Vic Secret does not sell used underwear.  A commodity that is heavily imported in the Peril of Africa.
3) The Oil Pipeline has become the Oil pipeline dream.  Ugandan is restricting movement of Kenyans into Uganda.  Oh my!  AND is Museveni not the one who keeps talking about the East African integration?  EAC once died a horrible death.  Watch them slaughter this one around.
4) Muwema (muwemula) got a response from Facebook.  I doubt that he even understood what Facebook told him.  Dude so stupid it hurts to read the trash. Now, here is the dirt.  Someone Anonymous said they have the bank accounts where the sh. 900 million went (roughly about USD $240,000 to betray the whole country) and then followed up with him being paid another sh. 230 million ($6,835) to help the regime catch the elusive TVO (Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, one of the biggest voices of Ugandans on Facebook).  TVO of course hit back when Facebook sent a message to Muwema that the post in question of TVO exposing Muwema would not be taken down.  Damn right!  It only offended the regime and not TVO's 60,000 followers.  The man is popular but he is giving people ulcers.
5) Muwema is not done yet.  He sent a letter to another Facebook user that he is going to sue him for defamation.  Ahem... I guess more is yet to come.  For all I know, Martha Leah Nangalama might soon get a similar letter.  Send it to Queen's Court Moncton Canada and then take Uganda Airlines to show up in court here.  I will whoop your butt.
6) Bundibugyo continues to experience deaths too by police, army and tribes.  It is like no one told these people "Love one another" or is the Yiira Republic really taking place?  Museveni launched his bush war from Western Uganda and now it looks like that is where it is being waged.  Stolen elections lead to things like this.  If Uganda was serious, they would go to Western Uganda and sit down for dialogue with all these tribes and come to a solution.  But nedda, that is too much common sense so we will just deploy tear gas and AK47's used by a bunch of half illiterate thugs to kill people.  Problem solved.  Next?  By the way, the police have come out and said the attackers have military school.  Oh my, the peace is vanishing. Run for your life people, run.
7) The land minister Migereko is in the news talking about how land is crucial for people's survival in Uganda and economic development. I tell you people, we are being ruled by classified idiots.  Why does he not tell the government thieves to stop taking away people's land and impoverishing them?
8) Apparently Uganda has more mobile phones than bulbs.  Hey, that cannot be good news for UMEME but likely excellent news for MTN.  Sell some more MBs.
9) Uganda opposition threatens to step up the protests.  Well, they can start right now because Bishop Ntagali got really dense and announced to Ugandans that they should embrace Museveni and be happy that he won the elections.  Seriously?  Do we look that stupid to you?  Did the leopard give you a land cruiser and some money for you to come out and insult Ugandan Christians like this?  Ingrid Turinamwe (FDC) said no Church this easter, no tithing and no meat for her family.  Beans are really good as a substitute for protein so her family will be eating very healthy.
10) The minister called Byandala who beat up that young girl (the journalist) of course returned to his job with no charges and he is working for the people of Uganda.  I saw the picture of the girl and was thinking, who beats up a tiny woman like that?  Byandala is heading for problems.  Unfortunately the women in parliament have all eaten something something and are not saying anything.  Meanwhile civil society is sleeping.
11) Museveni is unhappy that 69% of Ugandans survive on subsistence farming.  Hey, maybe that is why his family, hiself and his goons grabbed land from Ugandans since it is not good for economic development and they do not use it fully!  No wonder Jesus weeps.
12) Main opposition leader Dr. Kizza #Besigye has recorded a video telling Museveni to get ready for a good fight.  I will bring this story soon. The house arrest ought to make all the donors and funders immediately cut off the money to the dictatorship.  More than 32 days incarcerated now!
13) So Elly Tumwine (General something something) goes for a cultural celebration at Luzira prison.  Asks to meet Gen. #Sejusa (his former good friend).  Sejusa is like "do not take me for a kid or a fool.".  No meeting took place.  And I used to like this Tumwine but love has died.
14) Meanwhile, the petitioner of the elections, the other opposition leader Hon. #Mbabazi is silent again.  It always scares me when JPAM goes silent.  You can never know what he is cooking in his mind.  The Ugandans who laughed at him and mocked him when he filed the petition are now seeing the brains behind this man.  He has managed to undress the current regime fully and show how pathetic our judiciary system is.  The rest will be history.  Well done sir.
15) Deputy house speaker Jacob Oulanyah who was declared a winner in his riding has been hit with a court petition.  Everyone knows he did not win.  He was just declared.  By the way, this is the man who first said "Museveni is like Jesus.  He is a saviour".  Tumbanina!

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