Sunday, March 27, 2016

#Museveni's clandestine plan to keep Gen. #Sejusa in prison indefinitely

The reported hospital admission of the General Court Marshal chairman General Levi Karuhanga, could be a typical Museveni tactic to prevent an impending release of General Sejusa from prison by the Ugandan High Court on 1st of April 2016.
[Free Uganda additional statement on the hospitalisation of Major General Levi Karuhanga and the related suspension of all general court martial sittings until the military court chairman is well enough to resume duty - Issued by Dr. Vincent Magombe on 27 March 2016]
The supposed admission of Major General Levi Karuhanga in hospital is, most likely, part of Despot Museveni tactical manoeuverings meant to keep General Sejusa inside prison indefinitely.
It is worth remembering that at the recent general court martial sitting, where the Sejusa case was dropped on the orders of the Ugandan High Court, General Sejusa was illegally sent back to Luzira prison by Major general Levi Karuhanga for two weeks.
Those two weeks are to end on Thursday 31st March, the same day General Sejusa was summoned to re-appear once again at the general court marshal for a hearing that is not based on any legal grounds, since his case at the military court is now non-existent.
What a coincidence that just a day after, on 1st April, General Sejusa is scheduled to appear at the High Court of Uganda, to most likely be freed, since there are no legal grounds for him to be held in any prison after the general court marshal suspended his case on the orders of the High Court.
As Charles Rwomushana, a well-informed former state house intelligence officer has commented in response to the Sunday 27th March edition of the Daily Monitor newspaper, this illness of Levi Karuhanga is nothing but a high profile operation being mounted to make sure that Sejusa never appears at the High Court.
In other words, Major General Levi Karuhanga's purported illness and admission to hospital, and the declaration by a general court martial spokesman that all the military court sittings are suspended is, most likely, a well-orchestrated manoeuvre by Museveni to keep General Sejusa in Luzira prison indefinitely.
And Levi Karuhanga may be part of that operation.

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