Saturday, March 26, 2016


Do you remember when dictator M7 said he only thinks about Uganda when asleep? Well well, not any more. Besigye has incriminating evidences of vote rigging. 
Remember the day on Feb. 18th when Besigye went to the house in Nagulu where he demanded that the gate be opened? Both M7 and Kayihura were shocked when KB went there. All scanned documents came from that house to Kigunddu and those were the results he announced. That was the day KB's house arrest started up to now.
M7 is very much afraid of letting KB loose for his defiance campaign and based on the crowds KB pulled dictator M7 is not taking any chances. 
M7's world is getting smaller and smaller. The international community is putting pressure on M7 to let KB free as sanctions are in the works. Ofwono Opondo's out burst against the USA did not help but made matters worse. 
USA accused M7 of being the source of instability in Uganda and in Great Lakes Region to the UN security council. The EU also is putting pressure on a fingered leopard and that is why the outspoken dictator is rarely seen talking much now days.
The residents of Kasangati are tired of security forces defecating in their areas as Kasangati is becoming  a dumping area for feces and urine. The residents were told not to speak to any journalist and those that have dared are in police custody. 
To ensure that residents do not talk to the media, the regime has sent plain clothed security operatives to pretend to be journalists and many people of Kasangati have been roughed up.
We warn James Kawalya the District Police Commander in Kasangati to tread carefully and you know that we know you as the enforcer of KB's detention in Kasangati. KB's health has been affected immensely as a result of his confinement. 
FDC as a party must do more to organize support.  Asking people to stay home will not work but asking people to leave work hours earlier might be a possibility. Kampala is the heart of Uganda's economical activity and without Kampala no government can stay in power. 
Kampala is pro KB and people must carry out civil disobedience by leaving work and sit down at their place of work for an hour. Let us start small civil disobedience first. 
I personally appeal to president elect Dr. Kiza #Besigye to start looking presidential especially when he ventures outside his house. His pictures are all over the world and it is not presidential for our president pictured wearing T-Shits and sandals.  
The government has a hand in killing the people of Kasese to discourage the locals from supporting the rebels. Remember guerrilla war is M7's bread and butter.
Nathan Span

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