Monday, March 28, 2016

Mon. Mar. 28, 2016 #Uganda shilling and global market report

The Uganda shilling closed at 3353 on the US dollar, 4781 on the British pound, 3755 on the Euro, 33 on the Kenyan shilling and 2543 on the Canadian dollar.
Coffee Arabica closed at $3.34 per kilo.
Coffee Robusta closed at $1.73 per kilo.
Gold closed at $1221 after gaining $4 per ounce.
Oil (Brent) lost $0.24 per barrel and closed at $40.19 per barrel.  Remember it was a thin trading day today.  On Tuesday, we will see real trading.   The daily chart still shows that we are going down for a bit.  The weekly chart shows that we are going up.  This pull back is minor because we are in a bull market (more buyers than sellers0.
Shanghai only lost 3 points but its chart shows that it will pull back for some few days.  It has risen so much that this should not come as a surprise to traders.  Profit takers leave some money on the table and take some off.
Hong Kong was unchanged.  Then think about $SSEC Shanghai, it did not move and it kinda dictates to the $HKDOW.
Tokyo gained 132 points and is still remaining above its 50 day MA on the daily chart.
Frankfurt lost 152 points but it is still remaining above its support, the 50 day MA.  The $DAX tends to pull down the other European indices.
Paris lost 94 points.  This is our chart for today.  Notice the red candle from today and how it is getting to the support level of the 50 day MA.  Depending on how its beloved cousin Frankfurt ($DAX) does, if the $CAC (Paris) crashes through that blue line, we are going down.  Paris has this 50 day MA line as its support.  It also has some nice white candles from days ago and a gap up.  If you look at the chart, you will see the white candles to the left and then that gap.  This pull back will be too weak for shorters to get excited.  If I were trading the $CAC, I would not be going short now.
London  is going down.  It has finished forming the chart like Frankfurt and the bridge is going to kinda take down some people.  The $FTSE chart looks a bit ugly on the weekly one but the weekly one says there is hope.  This hope is still not very convincing so those who trade the $FTSE index should watch their money.
North America:
Toronto gained 32 points. Something I had missed is that the $TSX has the 200 day MA and 50 day nearly crossing.   The 200 day MA is moving down nicely to provide support.  This index also has some nice 3 white candles from last week which will act as support.  Thank you Toronto.
Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 20 points.  Not very much for the $INDU but it is holding very strongly above its 200 day MA on the daily chart.  Its weekly chart is a beauty.
Standard and Poor gained 1 point and still held up above the 200 day MA on the daily chart.  Its weekly chart is something that makes me feel like jumping up with joy.  The $SPX determines so much for Canada and USA it is incredible.
NASDAQ lost 7 points.  This one is a follower and given how weak the above 3 are performing, it comes as no surprise that the $COMPQ pulled back a bit.  We have seen this baby crash like gravity is infinite.
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