Thursday, March 31, 2016

#Mbabazi blames Mao, ready to work with NRM - #Uganda

[I told you people that we are going to have a circus and monkeys and pigs are welcome and so are elephants.  I have 2-3 more articles with Mbabazi in them. I will write up my analysis later.  I remember this Mao trashing Dr. #Besigye and Lukwago and using very bad language.  Shaaa!]
After losing his election petition, Amama Mbabazi, now says he is willing to work with all democratic forces including FDC and some NRM members.
Addressing press at Go Forward headquarters on Thursday, Mbabazi said his presidential run has been a journey of discovering the viscous cycle of the state.
He advised Ugandans to take enmity out of politics giving an example of his best friend Ruhakana Rugunda, the current prime minister who succeeded him.
“Whatever we go through in our political careers has nothing to do with our friendship.”
Amama said politics is about ideas and issues that have value in society but has nothing to do with relationships.
Asked how it felt being on opposition, Amama said he blamed the Mao’s [DP president Norbert Mao] for not making enough noise.
“It was hard but people received us well.”
Asked whether he will work with Besigye in his struggle, Amama said he will deal with any lovers of democracy.
Speaking on the petition, Amama said he did not lose confidence in the judges and agreed with their ruling.
“The petition gave us an opportunity to have our say irrespective of the outcome. My legal team was disgusted and advised me to pull out.”
On his part, Mao said Go Forward was not an anti-Museveni group.
“All the money we used in campaigns, couldn’t we have hired an assassin to kill him?” Mao queried.
He said the time for togetherness and unity is at hand now.
There’s need for togetherness as we face the storm of coercion.”

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