Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kyalya: #Uganda is a sewage, #Museveni age non-issue

[Told you.  It is a circus in Uganda.  Sing a long.  This is the song that never ends, it just keeps going on and on, this is the song that never ends, etc.. etc..]
Former female presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya Walumbe says in her opinion, which she agreed could be wrong but still hers, Uganda is like the blocked sewerage pipe.
Kyalya was discussing what she termed as “discrimination of Blackman against Blackman” in reference to the presidential age limit debate.
“It [age limit] is being desperately lifted by the European countries through donations.”
She believes youth ideas would have been the water of life for washing the sewerage through, but the lowering of presidential age limits blocked these.
“As a result the un productive ideas, ideologies, practices, principles, laws mention it have failed to flow out of the pipe, causing a massive blockage.”
According to her, the stench is so big that even the youth who had happily stayed out of politics for the last thirty years are now smelling the stench through massive unemployment.
She thinks the youth are also suffering discrimination from higher education facilities through exuberant tuition fees, being under privileged, discrimination, exploitation, talent suffocation, mental, emotional, physical and financial abuse, extremely poor quality education to make them even more disempowered, among others.
“This means that even the youths or water (Uganda’s lifeline) that will eventually make it to the pipe will be so contaminated as to only worsen the situation.”
“In my naïve head, removing Mzee [President Yoweri Museveni] from power is not a solution to cleaning the blocked Uganda Talent Pipe, as many people believe.”
She likened it to using a tea spoon to fill a lorry with sand.
“When Mzee goes, Amama Mbabazi comes. When he goes, Kizza Besigye comes, when he goes, David Sejusa comes. All these people are older than me and with all the respect although God always blesses the elderly with wisdom, the youth are blessed with knowledge and ambition and we need both to move forward.”
According to her, the situation can only be rectified by opening the water supply at the beginning of the sewerage pipe.
That is; allowing youth and ideas to flow through the system just like Museveni’s ideas were allowed 30 years ago when he was a youth.
“No doubt no one is going to stop an NRM Government from changing the upper age limits if they choose. I was shocked when they defiled the democracy they brought by overthrowing a democratically elected Secretary General of the party and opting for appointment, Amin style according to the history I have read.”
But, she recalls, they can be asked, through the MP’s to remove both limits and when they refuse after being asked youth can use their power to ensure all current NRM MP’s do not return to Parliament.
“Not only are you the majority voters, you also do most the campaign, vote protection and security. Lawful demonstrations can be done in your constituencies to stop them from addressing the public. You have more power than you probably think.”
She suggests that national and international proceedings be instituted against the sitting Parliament for Direct Discrimination against youths if they lift the upper age limit and refuse to lift the lower age limit.
“That way you will have made significant contribution to the next 30 years of Uganda just like Mzee as a youth went to the bush and made his contribution for the current Uganda.”

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