Monday, March 28, 2016

Hate is not a natural instinct for humans – it is taught

Students of history and sociology know that hate is taught.  So is racism and tribal hate.
What Uganda is going through is a taught hate of some sort or other.
Today, I learned with a sad face about the army deploying more heavily in Bundibugyo due to the tribal fights and recent killings (rebel factor included).  I think the army is there to protect a dialogue for the tribes to work together. That is my opinion.  There is no one in Uganda who wants to see bloodshed daily and lose their family or friends.  Media has a big role to play in calming down this hate which Uganda is seeing because no one wants to return to the past.  We have suffered enough and the media has a responsibility to help maintain peace.
What Ugandans must understand is that we are one people.  If you cannot put aside your hate, you will go down in history for having helped in the destruction of Uganda.
I am a Mugisu hailing from Bududa in the Mount Elgon area.  Some of my best friends are Baganda (mind you most of my education was in Buganda so I do know the language, do not back bite me).  The other best friends are Banyankole, Batooro, Bakiga, Bahima, Acholi, Langi and some others like Lugubara, Japadhola, etc..
Uganda is a very small country with over 50 tribes and langauges.  But the world is a global village now.
Pray tell the world why you cannot live in peace and love each other.
This current situation of tribalism must end and end before it is too late and we kill each other.
Sure, there have been rumours that the current regime is full of Tutsi from Rwanda whom we gave asylum and they took advantage of us.  This mentality must be killed and sooner than later.  In all countries, immigrants earn their rights to live as the people in the country in which they have immigrated.  Immigration has been going on for decades.  In fact some of you came from South Africa or Sudan or other far away places.
Our problems in Uganda must concentrate on our needs and the issues which Ugandans have to address instead of calling each other munamawanga, anyanya, Kenyan, Rwandese, etc..  You see, when you lose focus on the real issues, you attack each other.  Much distrust has been created in Uganda and we have a lot of work to do on this one.  “Love one another as I have loved you” was the last commandment.
Sociolization will ruin us, our kids and grand kids and in fact lead to us killing each other.  Because remember, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
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