Thursday, March 31, 2016

God weeps over weird court ruling, says Mao - #Uganda

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao, says the Almighty has broken down and cried following a Supreme Court ruling that dismissed Amama Mbabazi’s election petition.
The petition was filed a month ago challenging President Yoweri Museveni’s victory in the February 2016 elections.
In his ruling on Wednesday, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe cited abuse of incumbency, public resources, public media, and late enactment of electoral laws as areas of concern.
He, however, said these non-compliances could not substantially affect the election result hence court could not annul the election.
“We declare that the first respondent [Museveni] was validly elected and accordingly dismiss the petition. We make no orders as to costs,” he ruled.
All nine justices of the court with none dissenting signed the judgement.
The CJ promised to give reasons for this decision in due course.
Mao on the other hand interpreted the ruling as “a rape of human rights” by court.
It did rain after the ruling, something Mao interpreted as an act of “a heartbroken God”.
“After the Supreme Court ruling justifying the rape of our human rights, the skies open, rain falls, God weeps!”
According to the DP president, the final ruling doesn’t rhyme with the evidence provided by Mbabazi’s lawyers.
He said court admitted there were instances of non-compliance but claimed they were not enough to affect the final outcome.
“We respectfully disagree with what the court has said. Court admitted that Mbabazi was prevented from carrying out consultations.”
Mao said that Museveni can break commandments of the presidential elections act but is not punished, is weird.

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