Monday, March 28, 2016

Garbage can sort itself out. Try it with #Uganda

[I am passionate about social justice and human rights.  I just shared an article about some cleric in Uganda who was in the past calling for stoning gay people to death.  So I am going to wait for the garbage to take itself out. I am most known in Uganda for telling those unemployed impoverished people that the gay people are not the causers of their suffering.]
I do not know how garbage collection works in ‪#‎Uganda‬. In Canada, we sort out recyclables and use a blue see through bag.
The composting kind goes in a green bag.
In Scoudouc and most of Canada, you have to put the garbage at the end of your driveway right by your main road. So figure this.
Our driveway is a quarter a kilometre. So every Monday evening, after sorting the garbage, we have to put it in the trunk and drive it to the end of the driveway.
Blocking me on Facebook is really garbage sorting itself out and taking itself onto Scoudouc road for pick up.

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