Saturday, March 26, 2016

Federalist Alliance of Democracy and Development in #Uganda writes to the president of Botswana

Federalist Alliance of Democracy and Development in Uganda
2024 W Main St.
#20, Norristown,
PA 19403
March 23, 2016
His Excellency
President Ian Khama
President of Botswana
Your Excellency:
Members of the Federalist Alliance of Democracy and Development in Uganda (FADDU) and
all peace-loving Ugandans in solidarity with the people of Botswana and all Africans who cherish democratic values and the rule of law wish to express their deep gratitude to your unequivocal denouncement of dictatorship imposed by Museveni’s attempt to steal the electoral victory that belongs to the people of Uganda who cast their votes in large numbers, under very difficult circumstances, against the NRM regime headed by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on February 18, 2016.
 Museveni cannot be allowed to get away, as he has done in the past, with such blatant violation of human rights protected by the constitution and international law.
Sovereignty in Uganda belongs to the people and the constitution declares that Ugandans shall be governed with their consent. We therefore appreciate your courageous condemnation of vote rigging in Uganda.
We also especially appreciate the brave steps you are taking as an African leader to bring #Museveni to trial for the various crimes he has committed against the people of Uganda.
Museveni has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture against innocent citizens of Uganda.
We have extensively documented evidence of these crimes. We are prepared to make that evidence available any time. As a signatory to the UN Convention against Torture which Botswana ratified and acceded to on September 8, 2000, Botswana as a state has the power and legal authority under the Convention to exercise universal jurisdiction over Museveni for all crimes of torture he has committed against the citizens of Uganda.
We pray that you proceed with all speed to arrest and bring Museveni to trial.
May the solidarity that binds all our people in Africa flourish, enlighten and guide the actions of those who courageously lead the struggle to liberate Africa from the scourge of dictatorship.
We thank your Excellency once again for everything you are doing to enforce the rule of law against criminals like Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
 Yours truly,
Mubiru Mubirumusoke
Chairman, FADDU.
UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, United Nations
AU Secretary General, Addis Ababa
President, European Union, Brussels, Belgium
Uganda Law Society

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