Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FDC boycott is ridiculous-Mayengo #Uganda

Businessman, lawyer and politician Israel Mayengo says Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] idea of boycott is becoming ridiculous.
Mayengo was a member of a rebel group United National Liberation Front (UNLF) Moshi governing organ, the National Consultative Council (NCC).
He also participated in the formation of UPM and subsequently took part in supporting the NRM bush war efforts.
A veteran of sorts, Mayengo says the concept of boycott is not a new thing but FDC attempting to make it regular [weekly] “is ridiculous”.
Mayengo says Ugandans shouldn’t be quick to blame Besigye for his latest party efforts: “Did he come up with this idea?”
According to him, boycotting pro-Museveni musicians is also ridiculous.
“Are we about to boycott all lawyers, doctors et al who support him?”
FDC recently launched “Free my vote” campaign to boycott NRM activities, stay home on Thursdays and go for prayers every Tuesday dressed in black.
“If it is true Dr Kizza Besigye and government are talking, what are they talking about? Security?” Mayengo wondered while appearing on NBS TV on Tuesday.
He said security is one of the most dangerous words in Africa.
“So much is being done for the sake and in the name of security.”
He said many Ugandans are unaware that National Leadership Institute (NALI) is national, not for NRM.
“That needs to be made clearer more often. I only knew this, days ago.”
He says the NRM MPs’ retreat was unnecessary.
“Where should our worry be as a country? Should it be that we are going to be attacked?”
He believes Uganda doesn’t need conscription but rather more discipline in following the Constitution.
On Amama Mbabazi’s petition, Mayengo wondered how such legal minds could fail to find someone who failed to vote due to delays.
Mayengo says he hopes Supreme Court’s 2016 ruling doesn’t end up being the same as 1980, 2001, 2006.
“The timing restriction is very tight. It takes time to collect the needed evidence.”
He demanded a review of laws that govern a presidential petition.

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