Monday, March 28, 2016

Faith is believing without seeing - #Uganda

Many Christians question their faith during holidays like Easter and Christmas.  And they should question their faith and what they have been taught.
I just got off a phone call with a dear friend in Uganda who is struggling with his faith.  
We cannot blame Ugandans for struggling with faith as it seems like God has abandoned that Peril of Africa.
The topic was Immaculate Conception.  It lasted about 30 minutes but if he was not a good friend, I would have shut it down in 3 minutes.
He told me to read the Bible and prove to him where Mary can be certified to have conceived without sleeping without Joseph.
Some battles are not worth our energy.  The fact is I have 6 Bibles (4 are different versions of the current bible and 2 are Gnostic bibles).
Why I avoid Bible fights and Christianity debates is because of Grace.
Those who have watched or read Davinci's code know that there is much we are yet to learn.
What Faith is believing without having to prove with empirical proof that Adam and Eve were created or that the garden of Eden existed.  But for some reason, Scientists and Christians keep fighting this battle to disprove God (Allah, Jehovah, Were, etc..).
The fight of disproving God is a losing battle.
The fact that you can wake up and breath and walk is a miracle in itself.  Miracles still happen. Try the Big Bang Theory on you breathing and then explain that you evolved from a monkey!  I choose to believe that I was created perfectly cute as I am instead of evolving from a monkey.
What does Mary's conception of Jesus have to do with Uganda?  
A country that is so impoverished that people die of hunger and gunshots daily.  A country that has no medicine in hospitals.  Their roads are full of potholes and daily car accidents.  A country whose constitution has been so bastardized that they think they have no voice for their future.  A country whose education system is so pathetic they export university graduates into slavery (sex slaves and labourers).  A country where everyone, even family, turns against each other and kill each other.  A country which believes that they have an emperor.  A country where if you talk, you could run into a gun and kill yourself from the bullets of that gun.  A country whose judicial system is on display to the entire world.  A country where an elected president is still under arrest and the city of Kampala is under military occupation.  A country which steals every penny donated and every tax payer shilling.  A country which invades neighbouring countries, supports and arms rebels and then turns to the West for help to fight the problems they have created.  A country which hires 500 IT specialists to hound activists on the Internet.  
Then you question if Immaculate conception happened?  Pray brothers and sisters, Uganda has a lot more to worry about than events which happened more than 2000 years ago.When Jesus was asked if He was the King, His reply "you say so".
Why question the Bible when you cannot even read your bastardized constitution and know your rights?
I know my rights in Canada.  The constitution protects me.  Do you know your rights in Uganda and does your constitution protect you?
Mary got pregnant via the Holly Spirit and she born a baby.  Yes, born a baby.  The baby was named Jesus.  Even my best world friends who are not Christians have never asked me to explain my faith or why I am a committed Christians.  It is the Christians who keep questioning me.  Shaaa... some people need jobs or a hobby.
Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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Bududa Hospital is still a death trap.

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