Thursday, March 31, 2016

Evil thrives in the world because good men do nothing. Silence is consent.

A friend of mine on the global network wrote the following in reaction to the verdict by the Supreme Court in #Uganda on the #Mbabazi (opposition) election petition.
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing
The ruling today by the Supreme Court exemplifies the above. Did the 9 men and women of the court do the job asked of them in law.
Yes On the basis of the evidence presented to them they came to the right conclusion. These men and women were however appointed and should be honored to protect the constitution and the people of Uganda.
These man and women may this evening wash their hands of the consequences of their actions but what ever happens now they are partly to blame.
I hope in the future they can stand up to their children and grand children and justify their actions.
Their maker will have the ultimate claim on their souls.
Did they do their utmost to achieve justice for all.
Was it acceptable to them that one of the main proponents of this claim and opposition to this election was unable to file a claim as he is under house arrest and is obstructed from filing a claim? And could not properly access his lawyers?
If as indicated, there is a lack of substance in the claimants filings why did they not facilitate proper access to the EC data and adequate time to examine the data and research the veracity of this data?
Did they truly believe that some districts could vote 100% of the register and 100% for the Dictator?
It is inconceivable for any reasonably minded person. Why? When the claimant’s witnesses and affidavits were stolen or threatened or imprisoned did they not stand up properly for justice, to give a fair and equitable hearing of this claim, or instruct that all witnesses be protected and presented to the court.
Uganda is a beautiful country with beautiful people and deserves better.
This election was seen as totally corrupt but the US, the EU and the Commonwealth and many others and yet the Supreme Court did not do a thorough and proper job to examine the facts.
They can say “ but we were not told or we did not know”. This is an excuse, which has been used to abrogate personal responsibility for many of the worst crimes in human history.
 It is sad that Uganda is seen as one of the most corrupt countries in the world run by an ineffective and out of date dictator.
Most recently the World Bank halted all work and funding for projects in the country. This is one of the most recent in a very long line of scandals overseen by this dictator.
The young and beautiful population deserve better.
Could the 9 men and women have done more? Absolutely.
Now the struggle will move on to others who may have a less than legal approach to the problem.
Let us hope and pray for a peaceful resolution of what is transparently and evidently an illegal power grab by the dictator.
 They say in a horse race always bet on “self interest”. He is always running and the general wins. He did here and the 9 men and women know this to be true.
SOURCE: Voices from around the world.

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