Sunday, March 27, 2016


Museveni is committing suicide by denying Ugandan citizens their constitutional rights and freedoms.
One central reason why Museveni must not be allowed to rule Uganda any more - THE NAKED VIOLATION OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND THE PEOPLE'S FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
Just see this:
The Ugandan NTV Fourth Estate panel discussion program was to be broadcast live from the Kasangati home of Dr. Kizza Besigye, where the great freedom fighter is under house arrest..
The broadcast journalists and panelists promptly arrived at the home and were preparing to enter the compound when Museveni's police and special forces troops, who have been camped outside Dr Kizza Besigye's home since the February 18th sham elections, confiscated the recording equipment - saying that they were under strict orders not to allow the broadcast to go ahead.
Ironically, the photos which have emerged from inside the prison home, showing Dr Kizza Besigye sitting in silence in the company of the journalists and panelists NTV Fourth Estate presenter and panelists, and which is now trending on the social networks, speaks volumes and is indeed louder than any broadcast program could have been.
So, to Museveni, Free Uganda says - your foolish and senseless monkey tricks are backfiring in your face, enabling the world to see and understand how barbaric and despotic you are.
That photo alone has recruited millions of Ugandan citizens into the Struggle for Freedom.
The more you deny Ugandan citizens their constitutional freedoms, the more they are getting fired up and pushed into the trenches of the Peoples Liberation Struggle.

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