Sunday, March 27, 2016


After surviving an attempt on his life in Kasese now the general says.. Not so fast my friend.  I am not going back to that area anytime soon. 
He has decided to monitor the situation through a distance by setting up call centers.
Shortly after he had left the place, bullets rained in the area where a UPDF soldier was gunned down. Number two dictator in the country General Kayihura vowed never to return to Kasese area as he is still trying to gather himself of what might have been. 
Kayihura's boss, is not sure if he will have power should he free Dr. Besigye. He is afraid of Besigye now more than Alshabaab and Besigye does not even have a single bullet. 
So those that laughed at Dr. Besigye when he said people have power and a tsunami will engulf Uganda, dictator #Museveni is laughing no more. 
M7's thoughts on KB... should I free Dr. Besigye? If I don't I will be in trouble and if I do, the trouble will double.  
Toggwa calling yourself Ssabalwanyi now the people of Uganda have given you an official new name. "Sabatitizi".
Back to sweating Kayihura, he is now telling us that he has an idea of where Christopher Aine might be but he is asking the general public for help to find him??? 
For the first time Kayihura said the truth that he has an idea where Christopher Aine might be...... six feet under. Kayihura save Aine's family the pain. You killed him. Why don't you tell the nation why his name appeared on the list of the suspects to appear in Mbarara court room? 
Until you explain that to the nation, you killed an innocent man because he was supporting a candidate of his choice. 
Museveni and Kayihura, political killings have become obsolete.
Nathan Span

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