Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Court reinstates Mwotta as Makerere guild - #Uganda

[Uganda is the only country I know of where a kid running for school council president is suddenly a star, given a car, given money and body guards.  Do you see the generation we are raising?  And these kids will be our future leaders!  Shaaa.  So my news editor called me and asked me why I did not run a story of one kid being voted guild president at Niagara College, Ontario Canada.  I honestly thought he was yanking my chain.  Till I saw the media feeding frenzy "Imagine a black Ugandan girl has been voted for guild president in a University in Canada".  Say what?  Last time I looked, Niagara College was a community UCC type of school and has not been certified for degrees in a long time.  Then the hunt for the Canadian source of this information.  Nothing.  Not even the university paper ran the story.  Not even St. Catherines Ontario.  THIS is how desperate Ugandans are.  Kids, just kids.  How many times do young black kids (male or female) get voted to be the student council president.  I am telling you people, the country has gone to the dogs!]
High Court has ordered reinstated Makerere University guild president-elect Bazil Mwotta Biddemu.
Bazil Mwotta was declared winner with 4,498 votes, beating Roy Ssemboga who garnered 4,287 votes.
Ssembogga petitioned Makerere electoral commission demanding for a recount of the votes.
Makerere EC on Tuesday overturned the results and requested fresh elections at the College of Education for all candidates.
On Wednesday, students from the College of Education refused to vote following the annulment and a strike a day before.
Mwotta too filed a suit in High Court challenging Ssemboga’s injunction seeking to block his swearing in over alleged irregularities.
On Wednesday evening, High Court stopped a vote recount and directed Makerere EC to swear in Mwotta.
Court directed Makerere University Council, Guild Election Petition Tribunal, and Electoral Commission Makerere University that the applicant (Mwotta) be declared the successful candidate of the March 11th 2016 election.

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