Monday, March 28, 2016

Christians need to evaluate their approach to the world

If you are feeling spooked that I am writing about Jesus, be prepared.  I am just getting warmed up.

You do know that you do not have to read everything I write and share.

Many #Ugandans have claimed that I am not a Christian and in fact I have had the pleasure of telling some off that I am a Buddhist (a religion I respect a lot).

Some of you are familiar with Mother Theresa's writings.  At one point in time, she lost faith in Christ.  No Christian can claim that they have never doubted Jesus Christ or the existence of God.

The hatred which "Christians" throw out into the world gives God a very bad name.  If you do not believe me, ask Ireland and the Central Africa Republic (CAR).

I have never met a race as hateful as Christians.  Christians hate and hate with a passion so deep you wonder what water they are drinking.  Christians are the cause for why many stay away from organized religion. Mind you, organized religion sidelines many people.

We are talking about preachers, priests, pastors, etc.. standing on pulpits preaching hate.  It is not even that they try but the whole idea of "those people are going to hell" could make God weep tears of pain.

What possesses them to preach hate and fear?

Surely, you cannot bring people to God (any God you believe in) by telling them they will burn in hell forever unless they accept the words coming out of your mouth.

On one visit between Ghandi and Mother Theresa, she asked him "If you like Christ so much, then why are you not a Christian?".  His reply "because of Christians.  If Christians did everything that Jesus taught, there would be no need for any other religion".

Ahem.  It is us Christians who let God down.  Think before you judge the next person you meet in life.

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