Friday, March 25, 2016

#Besigye makes a statement about his 33 days of incarceration - #Uganda


Free Uganda welcomes the statement by Dr Kizza #Besigye detailing the barbaric and incredibly heinous ways in which his constitutional rights as a Ugandan citizen are being violated, and how the rights and freedoms of all Ugandan citizens are being trampled on by Museveni and his illegal and criminal Museveni outfit that continues to masquerade as the government of Uganda.
Free Uganda calls on the People of Uganda to wake up to the noble cause of rescuing our Motherland Uganda from this criminal entity that is now illegally squatting in the country's state house.
Museveni is clearly playing a loosing game, and it would be a wise thing for him to acknowledge that he lost the elections, and to save himself from being forced out of state house in ways that will not be good for him.
The People of Uganda in their millions are now on standby in readiness for any necessary action, and Museveni must know that, just like all other despots of history, he will end up as the loser, and the people will be the ultimate victors.
History shows that the barbarism and savagery of despotic rulers can never last for ever.
In the end it is the People of Uganda who will have the last laugh.
The Struggle continues.

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