Thursday, March 31, 2016

Evil thrives in the world because good men do nothing. Silence is consent.

A friend of mine on the global network wrote the following in reaction to the verdict by the Supreme Court in #Uganda on the #Mbabazi (opposition) election petition.
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing
The ruling today by the Supreme Court exemplifies the above. Did the 9 men and women of the court do the job asked of them in law.
Yes On the basis of the evidence presented to them they came to the right conclusion. These men and women were however appointed and should be honored to protect the constitution and the people of Uganda.
These man and women may this evening wash their hands of the consequences of their actions but what ever happens now they are partly to blame.
I hope in the future they can stand up to their children and grand children and justify their actions.
Their maker will have the ultimate claim on their souls.
Did they do their utmost to achieve justice for all.
Was it acceptable to them that one of the main proponents of this claim and opposition to this election was unable to file a claim as he is under house arrest and is obstructed from filing a claim? And could not properly access his lawyers?
If as indicated, there is a lack of substance in the claimants filings why did they not facilitate proper access to the EC data and adequate time to examine the data and research the veracity of this data?
Did they truly believe that some districts could vote 100% of the register and 100% for the Dictator?
It is inconceivable for any reasonably minded person. Why? When the claimant’s witnesses and affidavits were stolen or threatened or imprisoned did they not stand up properly for justice, to give a fair and equitable hearing of this claim, or instruct that all witnesses be protected and presented to the court.
Uganda is a beautiful country with beautiful people and deserves better.
This election was seen as totally corrupt but the US, the EU and the Commonwealth and many others and yet the Supreme Court did not do a thorough and proper job to examine the facts.
They can say “ but we were not told or we did not know”. This is an excuse, which has been used to abrogate personal responsibility for many of the worst crimes in human history.
 It is sad that Uganda is seen as one of the most corrupt countries in the world run by an ineffective and out of date dictator.
Most recently the World Bank halted all work and funding for projects in the country. This is one of the most recent in a very long line of scandals overseen by this dictator.
The young and beautiful population deserve better.
Could the 9 men and women have done more? Absolutely.
Now the struggle will move on to others who may have a less than legal approach to the problem.
Let us hope and pray for a peaceful resolution of what is transparently and evidently an illegal power grab by the dictator.
 They say in a horse race always bet on “self interest”. He is always running and the general wins. He did here and the 9 men and women know this to be true.
SOURCE: Voices from around the world.

Thur. Mar. 31, 2016 #Uganda shilling and global market report

The shilling closed at 3370 on the US dollar, 4839 on the British pound, 3833 on the Euro, 33.23 on the Kenyan shilling and 2595 on the Canadian dollar.
The shilling is not moving much at all.  We need it to break through this resistance of 3300 and climb higher.  If it should return to crash through its support at 3400, we will have ebizibu.
Coffee Arabica closed $3.24 a kilo.
Coffee Robusta closed at $1.73 a kilo.
Gold closed at $1234 per ounce after gaining barely over a dollar.
Oil (Brent Crude) closed at did not change and remains at $40.11 per barrel.  The daily chart shows that the drop was minor and it will resume its upward match.  The weekly chart is nothing short of happy going up.
Shanghai gained 3 points and it is resuming its walk to the North.
Hong Kong was unchanged.
Tokyo was ugly.  It lost 120 points and nearly brushed its 50 day moving average on the daily chart.  The pattern it formed says it is going to crash through this key support level and then head south.  This is our chart for today.  Notice the read candle and how it nearly brushes the support line.
Frankfurt lost 81 points but does not seem to be deciding if to go up or down.  We need to keep an eye on Shanghai.
Paris fell by 59 points and it was a red candle but it has a gap up from two trading days ago and did not bridge it. This means that the chances of it falling or rising are 50/50.  It is still holding up well above its support of the 50 day MA.
London lost 28 points but it is nothing to write home about.  Likely profit taking.  Daily and weekly chart say the $FTSE is going up.
North America:
Toronto acted funny.  Barely moved closing at a loss of 10 points and remaining even on the support line, the 200 day MA.
Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 32 points but still flying very highly above its 200 day MA.
Standard and Poor lost 4 points but its chart pattern is like the Dow.
NASDAQ did not move.  It remained unchanged and sitting on its 200 day MA.
If you check the website The Insider, click on News, Business, World News.  There are many articles to please you.  I shared some on Social media but not all of them.  There are a lot of things going on in the world so read up.
Martha Leah Nangalama
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I have an IT and business background and have traded equities, mutual funds, indexed funds, options and forex in the past.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.

Mabirizi: #Besigye is the elected President of #Uganda

[This, ladies and gentlemen ends the news cast out of Uganda for Friday April Fools day.  Hahaha, it is not fools day the articles I have shared but some are highlarious when Ugandans wake up to read them shortly.  I will now do the Shilling and global market report.]
I write this at 6.30am March 31, 2016, the day the Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision on the Amama Petition.
As categorically stated before, during my campaign and after the elections, I have little confidence in the possibility of a political problem being solved through questionable legal means.
The Independent Coalition, TIC which fronted me as Presidential Candidate, ruled out going to court once the election is/was rigged.
The election was rigged. We all know it. Even Mr. Museveni knows it very well. That's why he must keep the winner under house arrest.
As our way of setting the record straight, let me on behalf of The Independent Coalition officially congratulate Col (rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye on being elected President of Uganda.
Whatever the Supreme Court says is its business. The people who are more supreme than the supreme court decided to end Mr. Museveni's 30 year corrupt rule on Feb 18 2016, and they did.
I appeal to our colleagues in FDC to do more than they have done so far, to lead the struggle to secure the victory of the FDC flag bearer.
If they don't show real leadership at this stage, then another leadership will be forced to do so, and they should not blame us for claiming their victory, just like Museveni (who had miserably lost the election) claimed Dr. Semogerere's victory in 1980.
The Independent Coalition, TIC and I shall not legitimise electoral fraud for any reason.
For God and my Country.
Elton John Mabirizi, former independent presidential candidate

Why are Western donors withdrawing aid from Tanzania?

The embassies of Sweden and the Republic of Ireland in Tanzania have confirmed that they are no longer providing the Tanzanian government with budgetary support, the BBC's Sammy Awami reports from the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

The Tanzanian finance ministry said on Wednesday that 10 Western donors were withdrawing the direct financial support they give the government (see earlier entry at 09:39).

It leaves the European Union (EU), the World Bank, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Denmark as the four remaining donors, according to the finance ministry, local media reports.

It represents another blow to the government of President John Magafuli after the US pulled $472m (£331m) of funding for development projects because of concerns over recent elections in Zanzibar.

The Swedish embassy said in a statement that their decision was not connected to Zanzibar, but rather due to "corruption surrounding the energy sector" and the scheduled expiration of the current agreement.

The Republic of Ireland embassy said it had "no further plans to release budget support" and that the last payment was made in June 2015.

One regional analyst has tweeted a cartoon that Tanzania's privately-owned Guardian newspaper, portraying the apparent dash for the exit by donors in recent days:


#Mbabazi lost 27, won 6 grounds of election petition - #Uganda

[And that is where this circus ends ladies and gentlemen.  Well, for tonight.  I do have 2 more articles but I sure hope to heaven they do not have JPAM in them because too much is too much.]
Amama Mbabazi lost atleast 27 grounds of his election petition, which was Thursday dismissed by Supreme Court.
Mbabazi’s original petition was based on 28 grounds zeroing on candidate Museveni, Electoral Commission and the Attorney General as the first, second and third respondents’ actions that tantamounted to election fraud.
He then amended the petition to add 15 new grounds including proof of voter bribery, use of public servants in political activities, interference with opposition activities and misuse of government resources.
In yesterday’s ruling read out by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, Mbabazi lost about 27 of the 33 grounds.
1 Mbabazi alleged that there was non-compliance with Presidential Election Act & Elections Act saying EC nominated President Museveni “illegally” but court ruled that the petitioner’s claims do not fit because “Museveni was nominated legally”.
2 The extension of the presidential nomination time infringed no law, as claimed by Mbabazi.
3 On allegation that the Electoral Commission illegally compiled National Voters Register (NVR), court ruled that there was a National Voters Register (NVR) which was used by Electoral Commission (EC) to conduct the 2016 election, the petitioner received a copy hence the allegation that EC used data from Internal Affairs was incorrect.
4 On allegation that EC didn’t issue voters’ cards, court ruled that EC complied with the law when it used national IDs instead of voter’s cards for identification.
5 On use of Biometric Voter Verification Kit (BVVK) which petitioner alleged slowed down process, court ruled that there was evidence that some BVVKs weren’t efficient while others didn’t work but National Voters Register (NVR) was the principle identification document hence BVVKs didn’t constitute non-compliance or disenfranchise voters.
6 On allegations of pre-ticked ballots in favour of Museveni and 100% voter turnout in areas like Kiruhura, court said this was not supported by evidence
7 On allegation of voting before and after stipulated time: the petitioner adduced no evidence to support allegation.
8 The allegation on voting starting without first opening ballot boxes was not substantially proven.
9 Court found no evidence of multiple voting as alleged by the petitioner, save for hearsay.
10 On issue of ineligible voters, Katureebe said presented evidence doesn’t prove that anybody ineligible was allowed to vote.
11 Court found no evidence of unauthorised voting. It said the evidence presented was frivolous.
12 Mbabazi claimed that his polling agents never voted but CJ said these agents even signed declaration forms on the polling stations.
13 Court also found no evidence that Mbabazi’s polling agents were chased away from stations. “We have found it difficult to believe that absence of petitioner’s agents was caused by the first respondent.”
14 On allegation of counting and tallying of results in the absence of petitioner’s agents.
At most polling stations, counting was smooth. There is evidence petitioner didn’t have agents at many polling stations.
15 Supreme Court rules that Electoral Commission (EC) declaring results without physical Declaration of Result (DR) forms wasn’t non-compliance with Presidential Elections Act (PEA) ‪
16 Supreme Court rules that Electoral Commission (EC) could use electronic transmission. Chief Justice (CJ) Bart Katureebe: “This is not non-compliance. However, info ought to be verified”
17 On alleged “illegal declaration” of Museveni as winner in wake of absent Declaration of Results (DR) forms, court said it was satisfied that results EC declared were based on tally sheets & Declaration of Results (DR) forms hence no non-compliance.
18 Mbabazi too failed to to produce DR forms to compare with those of EC hence court could not determine the discrepancies.
19 Court found no evidence that EC got results from security forces or an illegal tally centre. EC had tally centre at Namboole stadium.
20 There was no evidence that Mbabazi sought coverage from state-owned media like UBC TV and New Vision and was denied. Instead Robert Kabushenga provided evidence that NV covered Mbabazi’s rallies.
21 The presence of the police and the army at polling stations wasn’t aimed at intimidation but for national security concerns. There was no interference with petitioner’s rights.
22 The involvement of crime preventers too, according to court, did not create violence since they are a police reserve force in community policing.
23 The evidence provided by Mbabazi’s Ki-face group witnesses was not credible. It was doubted because the group was questionable.
24 The alleged bribing of voters by giving Shs250,000 to villages lacked enough evidence to prove it.
25 The distribution of hoes to farmers across the country was not an act of bribery but a national programme. Court also ruled that KCCA’s Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, UNRA’s Allen Kagina never campaigned for 1st respondent but explained public programmes.
26 Mbabazi also failed to prove that the leopard anus remark said by the president was in reference to himself as a presidential candidate.
27 The allegation that Museveni threatened citizens with war if he was not voted back into power was hollow, baseless and lacked evidence to back it up.
Mbabazi wins on 6 grounds
28 Court faulted EC for delays in delivering voting materials saying it was wrong, showed incompetence and gross inefficiency.
29 Court also found evidence that Mbabazi’s agents were denied information which they were entitled to.
30 Katureebe said it was “inexcusable” that EC didn’t provide reasons on why results from 1,777 polling stations were left out by declaration day.
31 Court faulted security forces for arresting Mbabazi, saying he should have been allowed to go to Mbale during consultations.
32 Court said EC should have done more to brief candidates on mode of result transmission of election results.
33 African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) report showed that UBC TV failed to provide equal coverage to all candidates.
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe concluded that there was non-compliance but court was not satisfied it affected the results in a substantial manner.

Priest adds Supreme Court to four #Ugandan pests

[Used to be that we talk about the axis of evil but Uganda is a class above.  They have four pests.  Dictator #Museveni, Chemical Alli #Kayihura, Kiggundu and now the Supreme Court.  Take it away ladies and gentlemen.  I hope Fr. Gaetano cooks his own food lest he gets a bad belly ache.]
Kabale catholic priest Rev Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has added Supreme Court to Uganda’s four major pests.
Pests are unwanted plants, animals, insects, germs or other organisms that interfere with human activity.
They may bite, destroy food crops, damage property, or otherwise make our lives more difficult.
Effective pest control requires some knowledge about the pest and its habits.
Gaetano labelled the Kololo based court a pest after it dismissed an election petition filed by Amama Mbabazi challenging President Yoweri Museveni’s victory.
The court cited lack of evidence.
“Sadly, the Supreme Court cannot save millions of mourning Ugandans,” Gaetano said.
The priest continued: ”It is now evident that the supreme court has become the latest Uganda’s pest.”
He cited the four Ugandan pests as Museveni, police chief Kale Kayihura and electoral commission chairman Eng Badru Kiggundu.
“I urge all mourning Ugandans to stay calm; this was a mere judgment by mere human, there is a strong judgment from God coming up soon to save Ugandans and will break the dictatorship regime into pieces!”
Recently, the controversial priest wrote a letter to President Museveni saying while he thought the president would repent his sins, it was very unfortunate that his sins have rather over heaped and are now overflowing.
“It is Miserable to watch the unending and continuous harassment, torture, arrest and mistreatment posed on Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye like an animal, by Kayihura instructed by you president Museveni.”
“Regrettably, you and the small group of people with guns that lost the election last Month cannot repent,” the priest wrote.
Gaetano said he witnessed all kinds of Leadership since 1962 or before, but most assuredly Museveni topped the list of Uganda’s dictators.
“Your Excellency, allow me to inform you that you have broken all bad records that were set by Idi Amin and lamentably you are setting your own bad records to worse.”
He said Museveni’s advisors, ministers, and unfortunately, some religious leaders, who know the truth prefer to keep dumb and watch things falling apart because they are opportunists, egomaniacs, sycophants and are fearful.

Elgon gunmen commander Chelimo surrenders -#Uganda

[Maybe he learned that he would not get to own any of the minerals around Mt. Elgon or that landslides would get him.  Just an idea.  To think that I was born in that place.  Bududa Hospital is still a death trap.]
The commander of an armed group that has been terrorising Mt Elgon region has reportedly surrendered to UPDF.
Julius Chelimo, who police accuses of staging attacks in the Mt Elgon and Sipi region, gave himself up at Bugema Army barracks in Mbale on Wednesday.
Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi on Wednesday night said she had been informed by police sources that one of the attackers of Kapchorwa Police station had surrendered.
She said the suspect was whisked off to Kampala a few hours after President Yoweri Museveni asked them to surrender peacefully or be killed in the forest.
Uganda Radio Network quotes a senior UPDF officer saying the suspect who surrendered was Chelimo, an army deserter.
Chelimo escaped from Makindye military barracks in January 2015 after he was arrested on the night of January 8 in Kapchorwa.
In October 2014, he carried out coordinated attacks on the Uganda Wild Life (UWA) installations at Kapkwai in Kapchorwa district killing two army officers and making away with a gun and several rounds of ammunition.
He was on government list of wanted persons.
Addressing a group of elders, opinion leaders, religious leaders and political leaders at Kapchorwa State Lodge on Wednesday evening, Museveni urged the People of Sebei region to use the traditional justice system to bring back their children who are causing insecurity in Sebei region.
He warned that if Chelimo refuses to return peacefully, he will use his own methods to solve the problem of insecurity in the region.
The elders initially requested the President to grant Chelimo amnesty and allow him back in the army if he surrendered peacefully.
The President however said such people cannot be accepted back to serve in the Army because they have killed and will spoil the Army.
“He may be granted amnesty in future after discussions but if such a person is admitted back to serve in the army, how will he treat the one who steals money?” he said.

Kyalya: #Uganda is a sewage, #Museveni age non-issue

[Told you.  It is a circus in Uganda.  Sing a long.  This is the song that never ends, it just keeps going on and on, this is the song that never ends, etc.. etc..]
Former female presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya Walumbe says in her opinion, which she agreed could be wrong but still hers, Uganda is like the blocked sewerage pipe.
Kyalya was discussing what she termed as “discrimination of Blackman against Blackman” in reference to the presidential age limit debate.
“It [age limit] is being desperately lifted by the European countries through donations.”
She believes youth ideas would have been the water of life for washing the sewerage through, but the lowering of presidential age limits blocked these.
“As a result the un productive ideas, ideologies, practices, principles, laws mention it have failed to flow out of the pipe, causing a massive blockage.”
According to her, the stench is so big that even the youth who had happily stayed out of politics for the last thirty years are now smelling the stench through massive unemployment.
She thinks the youth are also suffering discrimination from higher education facilities through exuberant tuition fees, being under privileged, discrimination, exploitation, talent suffocation, mental, emotional, physical and financial abuse, extremely poor quality education to make them even more disempowered, among others.
“This means that even the youths or water (Uganda’s lifeline) that will eventually make it to the pipe will be so contaminated as to only worsen the situation.”
“In my naïve head, removing Mzee [President Yoweri Museveni] from power is not a solution to cleaning the blocked Uganda Talent Pipe, as many people believe.”
She likened it to using a tea spoon to fill a lorry with sand.
“When Mzee goes, Amama Mbabazi comes. When he goes, Kizza Besigye comes, when he goes, David Sejusa comes. All these people are older than me and with all the respect although God always blesses the elderly with wisdom, the youth are blessed with knowledge and ambition and we need both to move forward.”
According to her, the situation can only be rectified by opening the water supply at the beginning of the sewerage pipe.
That is; allowing youth and ideas to flow through the system just like Museveni’s ideas were allowed 30 years ago when he was a youth.
“No doubt no one is going to stop an NRM Government from changing the upper age limits if they choose. I was shocked when they defiled the democracy they brought by overthrowing a democratically elected Secretary General of the party and opting for appointment, Amin style according to the history I have read.”
But, she recalls, they can be asked, through the MP’s to remove both limits and when they refuse after being asked youth can use their power to ensure all current NRM MP’s do not return to Parliament.
“Not only are you the majority voters, you also do most the campaign, vote protection and security. Lawful demonstrations can be done in your constituencies to stop them from addressing the public. You have more power than you probably think.”
She suggests that national and international proceedings be instituted against the sitting Parliament for Direct Discrimination against youths if they lift the upper age limit and refuse to lift the lower age limit.
“That way you will have made significant contribution to the next 30 years of Uganda just like Mzee as a youth went to the bush and made his contribution for the current Uganda.”

#Mbabazi blames Mao, ready to work with NRM - #Uganda

[I told you people that we are going to have a circus and monkeys and pigs are welcome and so are elephants.  I have 2-3 more articles with Mbabazi in them. I will write up my analysis later.  I remember this Mao trashing Dr. #Besigye and Lukwago and using very bad language.  Shaaa!]
After losing his election petition, Amama Mbabazi, now says he is willing to work with all democratic forces including FDC and some NRM members.
Addressing press at Go Forward headquarters on Thursday, Mbabazi said his presidential run has been a journey of discovering the viscous cycle of the state.
He advised Ugandans to take enmity out of politics giving an example of his best friend Ruhakana Rugunda, the current prime minister who succeeded him.
“Whatever we go through in our political careers has nothing to do with our friendship.”
Amama said politics is about ideas and issues that have value in society but has nothing to do with relationships.
Asked how it felt being on opposition, Amama said he blamed the Mao’s [DP president Norbert Mao] for not making enough noise.
“It was hard but people received us well.”
Asked whether he will work with Besigye in his struggle, Amama said he will deal with any lovers of democracy.
Speaking on the petition, Amama said he did not lose confidence in the judges and agreed with their ruling.
“The petition gave us an opportunity to have our say irrespective of the outcome. My legal team was disgusted and advised me to pull out.”
On his part, Mao said Go Forward was not an anti-Museveni group.
“All the money we used in campaigns, couldn’t we have hired an assassin to kill him?” Mao queried.
He said the time for togetherness and unity is at hand now.
There’s need for togetherness as we face the storm of coercion.”

Muwema is still my lawyer-#Mbabazi - #Uganda

[The next thing I will read from Uganda is that Christopher #Aine is still Mbabazi's manager of security.  Told you people we are shaping up for a circus.  And I am not done yet as I still have 12 more articles. Mama mia caramba!  But do not think I write them.  If they do not have my name, I did not write them.  We follow the sun.  While my editor sleeps, he has already sent me the stories for the next day to publish on the website.]
Former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has clarified that city lawyer Fred Muwema is still part of his legal team.
Last week, social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alleged that Muwema obtained a Shs900 million bribe to undermine the presidential election petition filed by Mbabazi before the Supreme Court.
While denying the claim, Muwema wrote to Facebook administrators requesting that TVO’s identity and address be disclosed for legal action.
Muwema further demanded that Facebook removes the allegedly infringing/ defamatory content and stop hosting TVO whom he claims is notorious for attacking and injuring the names of many personalities of different standing in Uganda.
Facebook management wrote back asking Muwema to provide sufficient information regarding two offending posts allegedly published by TVO to enable them provide the necessary assistance he requires.
Facebook management also asked Muwema to provide URLs for the posts by TVO or a description of the location of the content.
When asked about Muwema’s fracas by press on Thursday, Mbabazi said Muwema is his long time lawyer.
“He still has some of my cases he is handling,” Amama said.
He said the team had agreed that Muwema wouldn’t be in court, but continues to be his lawyer.
“He has been my lawyer,” Amama clarified noting that he was not well after return from London.
He said Muwema was his lawyer while government closed National Chamber of Commerce for fear it would finance his political ambitions.

Ofwono dedicates ‘Tale of Two Cities’ to Amama - #Uganda

[Oh oh.  Here comes the underwear thief again.  I better run and go hide my Victoria Secret.  Those thongs are very expensive.  Temuseka.]
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo is ready to pull some money out of his wallet and purchase an old English novel “Tale of Two Cities” which he will hand to Amama Mbabazi.
“l wanna buy for Amama Mbabazi a copy of A Tale Two Cities,” the Media Centre boss tweeted.
“A Tale of Two Cities” (1859) is a novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution.
The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralised by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, the corresponding brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution, and many unflattering social parallels with life in London during the same period.
Opondo’s decision to buy the novel and give it to Mbabazi came after Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President Yoweri Museveni was validly elected as President of the Republic of Uganda in the just concluded February 2016 Presidential polls.
All the nine Supreme Court judges agreed unanimously to the decision and dismissed the petition against his Presidency without costs.
“So at this rate so far at the Supreme Court where is Amama Mbabazi standing,” Opondo had earlier tweeted as Chief Justice Bart Katureebe delivered his ruling.
Opondo advised Mbabazi to keep “sipping some water to avoid choking everyone” as he lost his petition.
“What has Amama Mbabazi legal team been doing to rely mainly on hearsay? Gona be good, it seems,” he stated in response to CJ’s revelation that most of the evidence provided by the former Prime Minister’s lawyers was based on hearsay other than factual information.
“Folks, we NRM have fought this hard battle of opposition negativity and shall triumph.”
Opondo further wondered whether there is there any correlation between Mbabazi’s over 15,000 followers on Twitter and the votes he got.
“He should have stayed on twitter.”

Lumumba asks #Mbabazi to re-join ruling gov’t - #Uganda

[People.  Get prepared for a circus.  About to happen in the Peril of Africa.  There will be monkeys, pigs and elephants.  You cannot afford to miss this show and wait till you read the rest of the news I am bringing out tonight.  Book your ticket.  The IATA code is EBB.]
The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President Yoweri Museveni was validly elected as President of the Republic of Uganda in the just concluded February 2016 Presidential polls.
All the nine Supreme Court judges agreed unanimously to the decision and dismissed the petition against his Presidency without costs.
“The first respondent was validly elected. This petition is dismissed. We make no order for costs,” Chief Justice Bart Katureebe ruled.
The ruling threw NRM supporters in a celebratory mood with many saying court had removed all doubt shadowing their candidate’s legitimacy.
Addressing press at the party head offices in Kyandondo, NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba said they had set aside Sunday April 3, 2016 for the victory celebrations that will take place at Kololo independence grounds.
Meanwhile, she urged her predecessor Amama Mbabazi to “return home” and work with the reigning government for the development of the country.
“There is no problem working with anyone,” Lumumba told press.
She said Mbabazi has served as the country’s prime minister before and is still an NRM member.
“He is still in NRM. He hasn’t given us his party membership card. This proves that he still wants to be in NRM,” Lumumba said.
“We welcome him back,” she continued, saying the government was ready to work together with Amama as before.
Lumumba called upon Amama to approach them with his grievances that made him stand against the president so they can discuss and forge a way forward.
Mbabazi at first said he couldn’t work with Museveni again only to turn around and say he would work with the president in the near future.
Sometime back, presidential advisor on media Tamale Mirundi said Mbabazi had petitioned court specifically to legitimise Museveni’s election victory and secure a juicy job in the new government.

Egypt’s el-Sisi to attend #Museveni swearing-in ceremony - #Uganda

[Hey Uganda, roll out the red carpet. All the thugs, hooligans, thieves, despots, killers and dictators are descending on you to celebrate the swearing in of one of their own. Wish I could be a fly on the wall. I suppose that Putin and Xi-Jingpin will also show up. Would be a surprise if Kim Kim did not show up.]

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is coming to Uganda to attend the swearing in ceremony of President Yoweri Museveni come this year.

The Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Ahmed Abdalaziz Mostafa revealed this.

Mostafa said that the Egyptian company’s new abattoir in Kampala has a capacity to slaughter 800 animals per day and can hold up to 5,000 animals.

He said that the facility is more modern than all the abattoirs found in Egypt. The Ambassador said this in a meeting with Hon. Oryem Okello, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs in charge of International Affairs, in his office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ambassador also revealed that Ugandans will be taught how to look after animals for slaughter.

Located about 32 km north of Kampala, the Egyptian company’s new abattoir will process and package meat, mainly beef, for both local and export markets. The modern facility also has coolers, skinning equipment and a processing plant.

Hon. Oryem Okello assured his guest that there is abundant potential market for the beef in the region. He revealed that in DRC a kilo of fresh beef goes for around 18 dollars. He thanked the Egyptians for the good work.

The Minister expressed his sympathies to the people of Egypt about the hijacked flight on Tuesday. The Ambassador clarified that this was an internal flight flying from Alexandria to Cairo.

The Ambassador revealed that his President will attend the inauguration of the new government in Kampala in May this year.

H.E.Ahmed Abdalaziz Mostafa also congratulated Hon. Oryem for his re-election as Member of Parliament.

Police brutalises 107 journalists, says report - #Uganda

Uganda continues to congregate laws that undermine the enjoyment of media freedom and freedom of expression, according to Uganda Human Rights Network.
Its media legal regime is restrictive in spite of her constitutional guarantees to freedom of the press and being a state party and signatory to international treaties and conventions.
A total of 143 cases were documented by HRNJ-Uganda in the year 2015.
For accountability and justice to reign, the sources of these violations and abuses against journalists must be known-either as individual officers or government entities in general.
In 2015 over 100 journalists fell victim of police brutality and others incapacitated as it quelled and dispersed peaceful demonstrations and assemblies.
Media gagging continues to reign through the draconian provisions of sectarianism, defamation under the Penal Code Act, and the Press and Journalist Act (2000) all of which have restraining provisions.
Uganda Police Force topped the list of perpetrators in the year 2015 with 107 cases (75%), followed by the community/ private individuals with 25 cases (17%), the RDCs came in third position with 5 cases (3%), while the media houses (Employers) came 4th with three cases (2%).
The other perpetrators included the Uganda Prisons Services, Uganda People’s Defence Forces and private security guards with one case against each of them respectively (1%).
Police brutality against journalists
The Uganda Police Force remains the principal violator of media freedoms and rights of journalists in Uganda.
The 107 cases committed by police in 2015 as compared to 40 in 2014 represented an increment in police violations by over 100%.
The violations include assault, inhumane treatment, detention and release without charge.
Journalists were brutally assaulted, their cameras confiscated and arrested for taking photos of police using extreme force on suspects especially during public meetings and demonstrations.
A WBS TV reporter, Andrew Lwanga, was brutally assaulted and incapacitated by a senior police officer Joram Mwesigye, the former DPC of Old Kampala Police division, while three journalists on duty were shot and wounded in Jinja, Mityana and Wakaliga in Kampala.
Although most of the violent attacks by police were dismissed by the police leadership as mere actions of individual officers, no effective investigations were carried out to punish the said perpetrators.
The police also dubbed the media as oppositional leaning and as thus deserving what they were getting.
In October 2015, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura warned journalists of dire consequences for giving live coverage to opposition politicians.
He said that police would crack down on journalists who he accused of turning into political activists by giving live coverage to political opposition events.
Twenty five (25) cases were registered from different regions and investigated by HRNJ-Uganda in which journalists were targeted by individuals and groups more especially during demonstrations.
Journalists were also arrested and detained on orders of RDCs for being critical of the President or Presidential initiatives.
HRNJ-Uganda documented five (5) cases of this nature from across the country.
Self-censorship increased among journalists working for media houses owned by politicians or businessmen affiliated more particularly to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.
Journalists hosting programs on governance issues fell victim of witch-hunt and summary dismissal for hosting political opposition leaders or their sympathizers.
The other perpetrators including the Uganda Prisons Services, Uganda People’s Defence Forces and private security guards are believed to have improved as compared to other players above.
UPDF saved two journalists working for the Red Pepper and TV West in Mbarara Rwizi who were being beaten by NRM flag bearer contestants led by one Charles Ngabirano.

Business: Follow the sun - #Uganda

In lay man’s language, follow the sun simply means that your business is working 24 by 7.
This is most crucial for Call Centres / Contact Centres or what Ugandans proudly announce as BPOs.
There are 24 timezones in the world.  The most successful companies have learned that their phones have to be answered by humans for 24 hours per day.
Here is where you should have paid attention to my article on Time Zones.
No company can afford to have people in their country working 24hrs even if it is on rotation or shifts.
What companies do is group time zones and then set up a center in each time zone so that people work in their day time instead of having them half asleep at night time.
Uganda is in a very strategic place for this type of work because it is more or less central to Europe and can take some work from Asia and North America.  However, the youth have to learn to read and write.  There are many jobs which involve online chatting to solve customer problems.  Imagine this, I am chatting with a Ugandan and they type in the chat window “hw r u mukyala?” or worse “gwe, nkuyambe ntya madam”.  Meanwhile another one in Malaysia or Brazil chats  “My name is Roberto.  How may I help you Ms Martha”.  Work on that English.
I am passionate about the English language because I know it can help you to get a job or not get one.  Here is the article I previously published.
Now, for those companies which want to get work into Uganda, remember about Cloud storage and Cloud storage.  You can check this previous article out too.  We work in the could because that way the entire team can access what you were working on before you sign off.
For BPOs to work for Uganda, they have to understand the concepts I just mentioned above.
Let me introduce another concept I have not touched on previously.  TELEPHONY.
When you call the toll free numbers, the call hits the cloud then hits a destination.  Most Telcos provide these services.  You give them your toll free number and they program it requesting you to provide the drop off destination.  Here is where Uganda needs to know that the local receiving numbers are not the ones which the customers dial.
There is also programming for telephony.  We are allowed to schedule call reception depending on the time of day.  For example, we can make 8:00am to 6:00pm drop into the Moncton, Canada centre, the next 8hrs drop in Malaysia.  Then the next 8hrs return here because we are awake.  This is following the sun, cloud storage and computing as well as cloud routing of calls.  AT&T and Bell are really good at this.  We get a drop off rate of the calls which less than 3% but the calls will get answered by someone who is fluent in whichever language we choose.
Remember also the solid Infrastructure that you must have in place to attract such work.  Here is my previous article on that one.
Information you can use.
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I have an IT and business background.  I never write about what I have not lived through.  Job migrations, job outsourcing, telephony, etc…  UGANDA has much to learn.  I inform and educate.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.