Monday, February 29, 2016

Video: Priest suggests #Uganda is the sick man of Africa

A priest, in his sanctified vision, believes Uganda as a country is dead and all its systems sick.
In 1853 Tsar Nicholas I of Russia is reputed to have called Turkey “The Sick Man of Europe” while the phrase “sick man of Asia” or “sick man of East Asia” referred to China in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when it was riven by internal divisions.
Rev Dr. Medard Birungi made the remarks on Sunday while leading a service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero.
The service was attended by opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, who would later be arrested and detained at Kira road police station.
“Uganda is going to be a nation of one Uganda one people moving forward in steady progress,” the priest told his audience.
He said most state institutions were sick and could only be healed by Jesus’ intervention.
“Sick political system, sick financial system, sick education system. Infact some systems are not only sick but they are in a comma while others are on oxygen.”
The priest threatened that God was going to punish the country which, according to his description would fit the title ‘sick man of Africa’.
“Because what is going on in Uganda is against God’s will. All institutions are dead. Hospitals are dead, school system is dead…”
He lacked the right words to describe the Uganda Electoral Commission.
“The Uganda electoral commission…how can people go to a polling station, they vote for a person but EC declares a different person. What is going on is treating symptoms.”
“This nation is dead, it needs to raise again.”
He said beating demonstrators is not a solution to Uganda.
“You need to ask yourself why people are demonstrating then solve the problems. God is weeping over this nation. He is weeping over Kampala today. Jesus will never leave u alone.”
He said there are people who celebrated when Jesus died on Friday but on the 3rd day, they melted like ice.
“Those who had put a big stone on the grave could not understand what happened.”
The reverend then told a story of the disaster he went through when his team Liverpool was playing the Champions League final against AC Millan.
“The first half was a disaster. Liverpool had been beaten 3:0. But then the 2nd half started and Liverpool charged. At the end of it Liverpool was champion.”
He asked Ugandans to stay focused and steadfast.
“I tell you my brothers and sisters your second half is coming. You are going to be the champion.”
Earlier, priests led by led by Bishop Ochola, Rev Fr Masembe, Imam Kasozi, Sheik Katuramu, Rev Dr Omona and Bishop Zac Niringiye, went to Kasangati and secured his temporary release from house arrest.
“We offered to pray for the Police. They accepted!” Zac says.
“We prayed with them and for them, for Dr Besigye and family, for our country at this difficult time, that justice may prevail. We left after that.”

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