Friday, February 26, 2016


1) Ugandans are very angry. In our home town Mbale, people set 30 huts ablaze in the night. Targeted were known current regime supporters!  Now we have 30 families homeless. Someone call the UN.
2) The main opposition leader Dr. besigye has been arrested 9 times in one week.  He says he feels like becoming a real terrorist.  The goons arrest him early in the morning then return him to his home at night then do it all over again.
3)  UN, US, EU have condemned the violence in these elections.  Today I even pulled an article from the US Institute for Peace.  Same thing.
4)  We are making a list of enemies of Ugandans.  So far:
Kenya (fellow thug and thief)
Rwanda (Museveni's God Son)
Burundi (Kabila gonna go down)
South Sudan (Marchar is a classified idiot. Thinks Museveni will ever forgive him for the emabarrasment he caused the latter)
Tanzania was tepid so maybe not on enemy list
South Africa (fellow thief)
Zimbabwe (vagabond)
South Korea (had no idea he charmed her)
Russia (fellow thug)
Nigeria (Obadanjo washaving tea with our ruthless dictator as he was being declared the winner)
Cameroon (no word yet so maybe not going on the enemy list)
Russia (Putin is a killer so no surprise there).
5) Iran having elections today. No violence reported. Amen.
6)  Global markets are shaky. Stay out of the markets for now unless you have money to throw to the wind.
7) Elections in CAR went well.
8) Cameron facing a tough time convincing Britons to stay in the EU.
9)Shooting in the USA. Gun ownership is their right. Let them kill each other. Some of us have problems like lack of food and medicine. May their souls rest in peace though.
10)  Military and ammo patrolling every corner of Uganda. The country is under siege.
Now you are up todate.
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Moncton, Canada
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