Tuesday, February 23, 2016


1) On the global scene, Russia and Turkey are still passing the buck on the bombs in Syria. 

2) Cordinated bombs killed 130+ in Homs Syria claimed by ISIS.  It is atrocious that we have lost respect for life.

3) US State of Department has issued several press releases (by Mark Toner) on Uganda, DRC, Sudan and South Sudan.  There is going to be a mediation talk in Burundi and only South Africa is participating in it (UN) apart from Gabon, Senegal, Ethiopia and Mauritania.  This came as a shock to me as none of the East African presidents are included. EAC is useless so maybe it is justified.  Imagine we are bringing countries from far to mediate peace.  It might be because some EAC countries cause the wars.
Is not a country you can be born in and leave it behind.

4) This morning at 2am my time, I thought it was a joke when someone texted me that the opposition leader Dr. #Besigye had been arrested.  He had just been released.  This man has been arrested 5 times in 7 days!

5) The other opposition leaders remain under house arrest or closely surveiled.

6) Then we have one General #Sejusa who was arrested before the elections.  He has been a strong critic of the current regime.  Today, he was denied bail reason being that one of his guaranters needs to be at his level in the army. Wow.  He is a 4 star general so there is no hope for him leaving prison soon.  You can read about him on all the Ugandan media but if you use the hashtag #Sejusa, you will up a lot about him as shared to me by his Press Secretary Dr. Vincent Magombe.

7) The arrests of the opposition did not abate today.  The opposition offices had been besieged yesterday and the same continued today.  The FDC offices in Kampala have had a big military presence and today Mbarara (a town in Western Uganda) had the FDC offices and people arrested.  All of this is on my blog and on The Insider.

8)  The military are patrolling many parts of the country as if we are at war.

9) The elections were rigged and even the observers have condemned the unfairness of these elections.  You might wonder why if the president won by aome 61% why it is necessary to clamp down on the people.

10) Uganda is mourning.  We are walking around with deep wounds because we lost our country, our rights, our parastatals, our freedom and our hope in the future.  To boot, the dictator went on record to say yesterday that he will wipe out all opposition in his next 5yrs in office.
If you know a Ugandan or meet one, give them heartfelt condolences and a hug because our spirits are broken.  Despair is a horrible thing.  "Poverty is the worst war you can wage on a population".  Our current dictator has succeeded in the politics of keeping the masses impoverished.

Thank heaven for Social Media.  We are trying but it is a long hard journey.
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