Saturday, February 27, 2016

#Uganda wolokoso (International readers, this word means the grape vine)

1) Dictator #Museveni in the media saying he should have won the elections by 80%.  Ahem.  I would say he lost the elections by 80% so hence follows the next point.

2) The Electoral Commissioner's (EC) home is surrounded by military police.  Well, this only makes sense given how many Ugandans want to lynch him.  Safety first.  Although there have been rumours that he tried to flee the country before the elections and then some social media pundits have said that he is under house arrest or under suicide watch.  Sigh!

3) Social Media enthusiasts - Leah not included - (read Facebook since the country has FBzero which costs nothing) say that Museveni has authorized the assassination of Dr. Kizza #Besigye (main opposition leader for the FDC party) and apparently the killers have flown in from South Korea and are lying in wait.  Shaaa.. Uganda has enough killers of its own so this one is definitely not plausible.

4) Museveni has authorized the arrest of Hon. #Mbabazi (GoForward team) and although we have heard this one many times, way before the elections, as much as I disagree with Museveni, I do not think he is dumb enough to do this now.

5) Kampala is awash with military and military vehicles with canisters of tear gas, live bullets, etc... This one is plausible given the display of military police and army brutality over the months and most especially now.

6) The IMF mislead Uganda and so did WB so they are responsible for Uganda's economic problems.  Now this one is rather interesting.  I do not remember IMF or WB working in the BoU (bank of Uganda) or being the policy makers in the country.  I think this is a syndrome of "Pass the buck".

7) Uganda's GDP growth was downgraded from 5.8% to 5% and in the past it had been as high as 7%.  Maybe abantu bakooye (people are tired).

8) Museveni blames Jennifer Musisi for the low vote for him in the Kampala area.  This one is plausible on two fronts.  a) She banned street vendors who only had that source of income for their families. b) She cleaned the city by getting vendor stalls knocked down and even market vendors faced her wrath.  Some of you have forgotten the KCCA driver who ran over baby Ryan (RIP) and some other people who died in the market scuffles.  So maybe it was Musisi for these things for Kampala but why is Tumwebaze not on the spot and why is Museveni not on the spot.  Musisi works on orders.  The Lord mayor Lukwago was re-elected with a very high percentage after having been kicked out of Kampala offices by the councillors who were each paid sh. 20 million and given 3000 baby chicks with feed.  Oh My God!  And to think I was giving people only 25 baby chicks with feed.  One cannot compete in Uganda fairly.

9) The EU observers have demanded for Kiggundu (EC) to publish all the election results polling station by polling station including the signed results sheets.  Now I can see why the man would be under suicide watch. I have the results on my blog and even was publishing them here as they were coming in.  Block social media and we will show you the geniuses in Uganda.  We got the information.  Go read on my blog if you missed it.

10) The main investors in Uganda have not congratulated Museveni on his declared win.  Interesting.  I am talking about China, India, Pakistan, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and you can add the rest.  If you have seen their congratulatory messages, do not sell fish.  Please share.

Now you are up to date.  Hating is a waste of energy.  I do not hate Museveni!

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