Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Police, Ragga Dee clash at polling station - #Uganda

Two people have been arrested at the Uganda Museum polling centre over alleged vote malpractice.
They claim that they were are there as part of a group ferried into Kampalato pre-tick ballots in favour of mayoral candidate Daniel Kazibwe (NRM).
The duo has been whisked away on a police vehicle.
Meanwhile Ragga Dee has been kicked out of the polling station.
After casting his vote, the singer come Lord Mayor hopeful remained in the polling station with his yellow shirt talking to journalists.  A concerned citizen called the police who showed up in riot gear and kicked him out.
Campaigning on voting day is not allowed by the EC regulations.
He told spectators that he will concede defeat if he does lose but joked about his yellow shirt as many others present were wearing their colours of choice.

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